12 Top Tools You Cannot Afford To Miss

We’ve selected the top 12 machinery and tools of the summer! But hurry, deals only available until September 1st!

Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide

Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide

Probably the best honing guide by far - but hurry, limited stock at this price!

Only £37.96

Axminster Hobby Series Bandsaw

Axminster Hobby Series HBS250N Bandsaw

There simply isn’t a better bandsaw out there for the money. Includes a British made blade.

Only £299.96

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

Wood, cloth, leather, interior or exterior - a genuine all purpose glue.

Only £29.96

Axminster Hobby Series Table Saw

Axminster Hobby Series BTS10ST Table Saw

A cut above your average saw and supplied with a quality general purpose TCT blade.

Only £349.96

Axminster Evolution Powered Respirator

Axminster Evolution APF-10 Powered Respirator

No V.A.T to pay and includes bump cap for added protection. A win win!

Only £199.94

Axminster Trade Series Woodturning Lathe

Axminster Trade Series Woodturning Lathe

A real game changer in the world of woodturning lathes. An offer you cannot afford to miss.

Only £699.96

Winbag Air Wedge

Winbag Air Wedges

From fitting a door to breaking into your car you can with Winbag. Singles are good but you save more with four!

From £11.96

JET Air Filtration System

JET AFS-500 Air Filtration System

A clean environment is a happy one and at this price your wallet will be smiling too!

Only £239.96

Axminster Planer Thicknesser & Extractor Package

Axminster Planer Thicknesser & Extractor Package

A top planer, with a top extractor, all for under £1,000.

Only £999.96

Axminster 1700 Workbench

Axminster 1700 Workbench

Quite simply you will not find a better bench at a better price!

Only £249.96

JET Woodturning Lathe

JET JWL 1642 Woodturning Lathe

One of the most complete woodturning lathes available.

Only £2,089.96

Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer

Axcaliber MT1 Mitre Trimmer

When it comes to mitre trimmers this is as good as it gets.

Only £149.96