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Adjustable Vice Jaw Benders


Key Features

  • Handy sheet metal benders
  • Fit to vice jaws with magnets
  • Allows a range of complex bends to be formed
  • Available in two sizes, 100mm or 150mm


Exceptionally useful sheet metal benders which fit to the jaws of a vice with magnets. The die is in three parts allowing a range of complex bends to be formed. Available in two sizes, 100mm or 150mm.

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Additional Information
Max Material Thickness 2mm
Max Width N/A
Model N/A
Nett Weight N/A
Overall L X W X H 100mm = 102 x 87 x 33mm 150mm = 152 x 102 x 42mm
Rolling Capacity N/A
Shearing Capacity N/A
Width Of Bending Fingers 100mm = 1", 1", 2" 150mm = 1", 2", 3"
Width Of Cut N/A

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Customer Reviews


By: Peter Hoare

Posted: 7 January 2013

Very good little tool, the magnets hold it to the vice jaws properly, and the bends are very tight, and accurate. If your bending very thin stuff though, its possible to go too far and end up with an acute angle, but thats not an issue.

One thing though as the previous reviewer said, you do need a big vice for these. Im using a large (50kg) machine vice which has ground and scraped ways, and ground jaws, which is perfect for this. You would struggle with a cheap pillar drill vice, anything where the jaws of the vice can wobble about. You also need to remember that the depth of the vice jaws is very important, as all the material on the lower side of the bend need to hang down in between the jaws, so if its a very shallow vice you wont get much material down.

That said, its doing some very nice bending in 2mm aluminium and would bend thicker with no problem. The removable blades are a nice touch too.


By: Derek Saxty

Posted: 9 September 2010

I needed to put a 90 degree bend in a piece of mild steel about 3mm thick. Clamping it in the vice and thumping it with a hammer wasn’t going to do the job satisfactorily, but by using one of these I soon produced a well formed right angle just where I wanted it and without too much effort.

Being a slightly built pensioner I don’t think I could bend anything much thicker than 3mm, but with a bit more weight and a few less years 4mm would be possible.

You do need a good vice though, the bigger the better. The metal has to stand upright in it so you are limited by the vice’s size and the fact that the bend will be formed about 12mm below the top of the vice jaws.

A word of warning: these clamp on with VERY strong magnets, especially the V-block so take care when attaching them.

Overall, a well built tool that exceeded my expectations and looks as though it will last for many years to come.

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