Concrete Reasons To Buy Belle

Concrete Reasons To Buy Belle

We’ve all seen the classic orange machine that is the Belle cement mixer, usually in the back of a truck, on a building site or on a front lawn.

They are mostly covered in muck and look as though they have seen better days. However, although they look as if they are at death’s door, when switched on and filled with cement, sand and water they work exactly the same way as if they are switched on for the first time. This really is the point with Belle mixers; they just keep on going forever. Let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be the number one cement mixer of choice for the hire industry if they couldn’t take some serious abuse!

Why are Belle so popular?

Belle mixers are well built, strong, reliable and get this: they are manufactured in the UK! So what better reasons do you need to choose a Belle cement mixer? The Minimix 150 is the orange beacon of the building trade and is available in three versions: Honda Petrol, 230V and 110V to cover all your needs. Have no power supply? Get the Honda Petrol Minimix 150. On a building site with limited power supply? Use the 110V Minimix 150. At home or on another residential property?

Buy the 240V Minimix 150. All versions come complete with stand and, when used with wheels, can be used as a concrete mixer barrow. Or, use the supplied static swivel stand, which is a perfect height for tipping into a wheelbarrow. This mixer could well last as long as the wall you're building!

Although the Minimix 150 is traditionally used in the trade, many are used by the home builder also. However, if you feel the machine is a bit of an overkill for your needs, why not try the Belle Minimix 130? Very much designed for home use but sharing many of the characteristics of its bigger brother.

It will still provide you with a barrow load of cement per mix, it still has a compact static swivel stand as standard and it’s still manufactured in the UK!

If you are anything like us, you will not be using your cement mixer every day. So why not use it for something else when you have no building work on. An idle cement mixer makes a great compost tumbler. Just throw your rotten waste with some top soil and you have the perfect compost for your garden! So buy a Belle.

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