The Axminster Evolution Super Precision Chuck System

The Axminster Evolution Super Precision Chuck System

The concept and design of the Evolution SK114 chuck was born from our desire to create the best woodturning chuck possible.

  • Ultra compact design, precisely manufactured
  • Stainless steel body for durability & longevity
  • Extra long accessory mounting jaws
  • Many thread size options available
  • Compatible with our full range of jaw sets

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The package includes chuck, extra long accessory mounting jaws and key.

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Made in Axminster. The first all British-made super precision woodturning chuck system packed with innovation and accuracy

Woodturning continues to evolve...

New generation of true British made products

The Axminster chuck system is devised to maximise work holding on the lathe, it is cleverly thought out and proven by our own turners and customers who, over the years, have offered ideas or constructive criticism. Our chuck system, the Evolution series, is just the start of a new generation of true British made, quality engineered products that have evolved and been carefully manufactured with pride here in Axminster.

Chuck Inset

An ideal chuck for a woodturning lathe

Back in 1984 we produced our very first woodturner's chuck having thought long and hard about what would be an ideal chuck for a woodturning lathe.

As engineers, we automatically preferred a scroll chuck and as three jaws were totally out of the question for woodturners (cutting triangular stock is just not that easy), the four jaw chuck system was born.

Chuck Inset

Compatible accessories

It wasn't long before we explored all manner of different accessories for the chuck as engineering style jaws were a little limited if not dangerous. We devised a style of mounting four quadrants of a profiled disc that we called jaws, these jaws are still to this day compatible with all the chucks we have made. It is important to us to ensure that the accessories you purchased yesterday will still work with the chucks we make and sell today.

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Our design

Something we never anticipated was that our chucks would be copied so much and that the market would be so large. Our design was based around interchangeable sets of jaws where the accessory jaws were interchangeable from set to set, whereas other makers relied upon just the one set of jaws, changing eight screws every time you change the profiled quadrants.

Chuck Inset

Key Features

Stainless steel - the perfect choice

We are mindful that chucks can corrode so stainless steel is the perfect choice of material for the chuck. Other chucks including our own K series chucks are plated which requires the chuck to be made undersized and accept the plating process to bring it into tolerance. The Evolution is not plated but is machined to tolerance for a perfect fit of both jaws and lathe mandrel.

Smoother, faster and cleaner

The chuck is just less than 50mm deep and is designed to sit as close to the headstock bearings as the mandrel will allow. This minimises vibration and gives a much smoother turn allowing for faster and cleaner cuts, extremely important when turning large hollow forms. It is also good engineering practice and does not overload or test the bearings in any way.

Worthy of super precision status

By machining the scroll register and cutting the thread all in one operation, we can ensure that no errors arise in concentricity. In fact there is no perceivable error in this process. Our jaws are machined to within 2 microns, giving us accuracy worthy of super precision status.

Accurate indexing

Indexing should always be as accurate as possible, so we have placed 24 divisions on the peripheral edge and a further 36 are placed more centrally on the face of the back plate.

What's in the box?

Finely machined SafetyJaw

The Evolution has extra long accessory jaws finely machined and held to tolerance with just 0.5mm of the jaw sitting above the chuck body minimising jaw slop. The jaws are precision ground to ensure interchange ability with our standard accessory jaws.

All the Axminster chucks are backwards compatible, meaning that if you bought a chuck in 1984 the jaws will fit our very latest chuck.

Evolution Safety Jaws - Inset
beautifully engineered Jeremy Eckstein, Evolution turner

Reverse Locking

Achieved with unique yet simple facial locking screws which can be dedicated to the lathe to ensure that the lathe spindle register is not damaged in any way.

Accessible from any angle - Three hardened pinions ensure the chuck is always accessible to tighten with the key. The key has special grips to avoid slippage and has a warm tactile feel. It is always good practice to tighten all three when securing a large piece of work on the lathe.

Evolution Chuck Key - Inset

Can I use my existing jaws with the Evolution?

Yes, of course. The chuck slide-ways and scroll are fully compatible with any jaws that have been made for Axminster chucks. The new longer Evolution jaws are recommended for use only with the Evolution chuck, but standard accessory mounting jaws work just fine.

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Piranha jaws for the Evolution chuck

Look out for our Piranha jaws; they are for gripping internally or externally and especially good on wet timbers. As their name suggests, they have great teeth and a huge bite. These jaws have a BZP finish which protects against corrosion and keeps them looking good at all times!

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All my old Axminster jaws will fit right in it Victor Ravensdale, Evolution turner
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