Axminster Hobby Series AWVSL1000 Woodturning Lathe

Code: 501268

Axminster Hobby Series AWVSL1000 Woodturning Lathe

Code: 501268

£349.96 (£291.63 Ex. VAT)
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Key Features

Axminster 3 Year Warranty
  • 750W 1ph 230V induction motor
  • Variomatic speed control 500-2,000rpm
  • Swivelling headstock indexed at 45° and 90°
  • Centre height 175mm
  • Distance between centres 1,100mm
  • Headstock is free to slide along the length of the bed
  • Complete with floor stand, 4 prong drive centre, revolving centre, faceplate, tool rest extension and 300mm tool rest

In Detail

Four major features set this lathe apart: 1. The centre height is a full 185mm giving a massive 370mm(14") maximum turning diameter over the bed and the ability to turn larger diameter bowls without the need to rotate the head. 2. The distance between centres is a very useful 1,100mm for turning longer spindles and similar items. 3. The swivelling headstock is also free to slide along the length of the bed, giving the facility to position the head in the most convenient position to suit the item being turned. The headstock can also be swivellled. 4. A larger motor to match the larger capacites. The AWVSL1000 is a powerful value-for-money machine with plenty of capacity and is now supplied with a pair of Axminster centres. Supplied with 4 prong Axminster drive centre, Axminster revolving tailstock centre, 150mm faceplate, outboard tool rest extension, 300mm tool rest and stand.

N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.

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Distance Between Centres 1,100mm (43.3")
Max Diameter over Bed 370mm
Model AWVSL1000
Nett Weight 97kg
Overall L x W x H 1,680 x 470 x 1,155mm
Power 750W
Rating Hobby
Speed 500-2,000rpm
Spindle Taper 2MT
Spindle Thread 1" x 8tpi (ref T04M)
Taper Tailstock 2MT
Tool Rest Stem Diameter 25mm
Reviews (12)

Reviews (12)


Simon Whittard

13 January 2016

Just Out the box

To be fair, I'm reviewing the Axminster M950 (?) Lathe.
It is Identical to this, and I bought it in 2000 to replace a lathe which was stolen.
It has been sat in a box in the garage for 15 years, as I had been working overseas, and also lived in a flat for some time, with no room to set it up.
I got it out the box and set it up last night, and did a few trials on some scrap pine to see what it was like, and to get my hand back in to wood-turning.
Compared to my previous lathe, It's a flipping brilliant bit of kit! I can't wait to get back out tonight to have a proper go.
I had no issues with setting it up, and building the frame, although the lack of locking washers supplied was a nuisance (6 supplied, but approx. 30 required), but I had some of my own anyway which I used.
The weight definitely adds to the quality, and yes, it makes it an issue when you are assembling and transporting, but let's be fair, that's what you want to maintain rigidity and to reduce vibration. I still managed to lift the main bed on to the frame to bolt it down on my own, but it was a struggle, and I should have asked for assistance from a family member. The motor is nice and quiet, Speed changing is easy. The instructions on mounting the on/off controller on the frame leg was wrong, as it actually mounted on the headstock cover, and caused me a bit of confusion, but any intelligent person can work it out whilst assembling.
The Lathe comes with a fairly comprehensive set of accessories, so nothing is needed to start up other than some chisels. Later on treat yourself to a Chuck.
Anyway, to sum things up, The Lathe has remained un-scathed in a damp garage in the box for 15 years, so it was well packaged. It is just what I want for substantial hobby or light trade use, and I am well pleased with it, and especially the value for money.
Thank you Axminster!

Jim Lawson

17 March 2015

Great Value Hobby Lathe

Squeezed this into the back of my Mondeo from the shop no problem. But, at 96 Kg, you'll need help getting it out again. Very quick to assemble. The spanner that comes with it for the non-locking headstock spindle is perfectly adequate, and you can use a heavier duty one if you want so, despite other comments, it's not really a consideration, given the price. The fact that the headstock can turn outboard is appealing, but be warned that the price of Axminster's freestanding tool rest is in excess of £300. That might put you off getting one and ever exploiting the feature. A generous working bowl diameter is provided in any case over the bed. The twin centre distance is massive - hard to see if I will ever use all of that. Legs are a touch on the flimsy side when an out of balance piece of roughing is required, and you have to reduce the speed to stop it shuddering all over your shop. But if you can secure them to your floor using the foot holes provided, that should improve things. I made 2 little MDF platforms, each with 4 castors for each end of the lathe. If I want to move it, I lift one end, kick-roll the platform under the 2 legs, do the same at the other end - roll it to the desired position - and reverse the process when in place. No need for any help. The manual speed adjustment, which has ten settings, is very quick and easy, and I can't justify paying all that extra cash for a similar machine with electronic speed control. Overall, this is a great buy for the amateur - just be sure you won't regret being capped at 2000 rpm. The drive centre and tailstock live centre supplied are both excellent.

Bram sharp

23 December 2014

good value for your money

This is my first lathe bought in October ,no problems assembling and on using it exceeded my expectations , all in all not a bad machine for the money and I would recommend this to anyone just starting

Rob Brown

23 November 2014

Excelent machine.

I bought this lathe upgrading after a year of working on a desk top midi lathe. This AWVSL1000 machine is outstanding in its quality and usability at a very affordable price. A little heavy when assembling alone but do able, would be easier with two people. I found this equipment accurate when checked with a dial gauge , solid and easy to work on and in every way equal to much more expensive machines . The service from Axminster is excellent . I can't recommend this equipment enough.

Homer J.

25 September 2014

Reasonable "Chinese" product

Basically not a bad little machine. Good throw over bed for inboard bowl turning and good distance between centers for those longer spindles however a couple of points:
The tool rest holder is (on my machine at least) 25.0mm NOT 25.4mm as stated in the "Additional Information page". Note: manual states 25.00mm Ø
There is no spindle lock. Spindle is held with a (self supplied) spanner or the cheap piece of bendy metal supplied (until it bends out of shape that is).
As others have said it is heavy so it really is a two man job to assemble it
Spare drive belts are available from Axminster for reasonable cost.
Don't know about the bearings - not had to change any of them yet
All in all not a bad "little" lathe for the money

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