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Any craftsperson, engineer, mechanic or similar will usually need one or even several methods of holding the workpiece and a vice of some sort is an almost mandatory part of the workshop equipment.
Woodworking Vices Woodworking Vices

A range of versatile woodworking vices suitable for every type of workbench

Engineer's & Mechanic's Vices Engineer's & Mechanic's Vices

Heavy duty vices for sustained use in busy workshops

Table Vices Table Vices

Table vices are secured to a bench top with a screw thread clamp

Drilling & Milling Vices Drilling & Milling Vices

Heavy duty machinist's vices for bolting onto drilling and milling machine tables

Vice Screws Vice Screws

Vice screws can be used to build your own custom-made vices

Carving Vices Carving Vices

Carving vices offer full, uninterrupted access to the project

Hand Vices Hand Vices

A variety of hand-held vices which are ideal for smaller components

Pin Chucks & Vices Pin Chucks & Vices

A pin vice uses a collet to hold the very smallest of drills