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3 Year Warranty

Applies to all professional blue Bosch power tools and measuring instruments.

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2 Year Battery

Applies to all professional blue Bosch lithium-ion batteries and chargers.

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About Bosch

‘Invented for Life’ - Today Bosch is a worldwide name and remains at the leading edge of technology, continuing to grow and investing heavily in research and development every year to offer the best.

Axminster offers a large range of Bosch power tools to suit the home user and professional, and has many years of experience working with this well known brand.

Bosch was founded in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch, a German engineer and industrialist, who was responsible for the invention of the spark plug and magneto for automobiles and whose company produced a wide range of precision machines and electrical equipment in plants throughout the world.

Robert Bosch is quoted as having said ‘None of us should ever be satisfied with what we achieve and should always endeavor to get better’ and this principle applies throughout the company today.

Axminster offers the following ranges from Bosch: Blue Industrial, Green DIY, Garden and Dremel.