Hand Tools

We have a huge range of hand tools, something for every job and to suit every application from craft, through to hobby, trade and professional woodworking. Featuring both premium brands and our own Axminster brand we have clamps, cramps, all types of saws from hacksaws to fretsaws and everything in between together with knives, scalpels, hand planes, scrapers and spokeshaves. Here, you will also find hammers, hand drills nail pullers, pliers and cutters, screwdrivers, tape measures, rules, gauges, files, staplers, tackers etc. In fact it’s a one stop shop for all your hand tool requirements.

Tool Care

It's time to take care of your tools

We’ve designed a kit that will keep your hand tools in tip-top condition throughout the cold snap! Protect your tools...

Axminster Trade Clamps

What are our clamps made from and why?

Both the materials and processes which we have used to manufacture our Axminster Trade Clamps have been chosen to obtain the best results - find out more...

Axminster Trade Clamps

Guaranteed to give maximum performance all day, every day

Axminster Rider

Traditional, quality built planes ready to use out of the box

Axminster Tools From Japan

Japanese woodworking tools have long been regarded as some of the best crafted in the world

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks inc.

Beautiful, heirloom quality hand tools that inspire other woodworkers and artisans

Proxxon Industrial

A reputation as a world leader in hobby and precision related tools

Wiha - Premium Tools

Innovation produced using state-of-the art technology, for absolute reliability