Knives, Scalpels & Scissors

It's difficult to imagine a toolbox or building anwhere in the land that doesn't contain a knife, perhaps a scalpel or a pair of scissors. Find exactly what you're looking for in our huge selection.
Utility & Trade Knives Utility & Trade Knives

Heavy duty trade knives with fixed or retractable blades

Modelling & Craft Knives Modelling & Craft Knives

An excellent range of knives for delicate modelling tasks

Scalpels Scalpels

Scalpels and blades for fine, delicate cutting

Knife & Scalpel Blades Knife & Scalpel Blades

Knives, scalpels and spare blades for every conceivable use

Snap Off Blade Knives Snap Off Blade Knives

Always have a sharp edge with our selection of Snap-Off Blade Knives

Marking Knives Marking Knives

Traditional European and Japanese marking knives

Scissors Scissors

From manicure to multi-purpose; find a pair of scissors for any job

Carving Knife Sets Carving Knife Sets

Sets of whittling and carving knives for the most intricate work

Carving Knives Carving Knives

Individual whittling and carving knives for delicate work

Cutting Mats Cutting Mats

Use a protective PVC cutting mat for cutting almost any material

Draw Knives Draw Knives

Essential tools, used on the pull stroke, for carving and green woodworking

Gardening Knives & Sickles Gardening Knives & Sickles

No 'Grim Reaper' here, instead a great selection of scythes and gardening knives

Multitools Multitools

Multi-functon knives; great for camping and all adventurous activities

Pocket & Folding Knives Pocket & Folding Knives

A selection of single folding blades plus a legendary Swiss Army Knife