Marking, Measuring & Levels

From a state-of-the-art digital angle finder to a tradtional machinist's angle plate or Vee block, everything you'll need for precise, accurate measurement and setting out.
Tapes & Rules Tapes & Rules

Browse our range of quality tape measures, folding rules and much more

Laser Distance Measurers Laser Distance Measurers

Distance readings and much more found accurately with a Laser Distance Measurer

Levels & Laser Levels Levels & Laser Levels

Laser lines and levels for site as well as construction trades

Laying Out Tools Laying Out Tools

Lay out or transfer measurements quickly and accurately

Calipers, Compasses & Dividers Calipers, Compasses & Dividers

Outside, inside, digital or proportional; calipers, compasses and dividers for every job

Straight Edges & Surface Plates Straight Edges & Surface Plates

Straight edges and surface plates in steel, aluminium, cast iron and granite

Centre Punches Centre Punches

Essential for marking the exact centre of a hole before drilling

Digital Read Outs Digital Read Outs

Digital read-out tools for precise and accurate measurements

Drawing Equipment Drawing Equipment

Use our drawing equpement to make curvaceous shapes with ease

Micrometers Micrometers

Traditional or digital, a micrometer will measure a distance precisely

Trammels Trammels

Draw the perfect curve using our beam compass or trammel sets

Centre Finders Centre Finders

Find the middle of your project with our range of centre finders