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Jet JSSG-10 Wetstone Sharpener


Key Features

  • Support bars can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Large handle for portability
  • Rubber feet keep machine steady and minimise vibration
  • Honing wheel brings up razor sharp polished edge
  • Grinds and sharpens most edge tools
  • For woodworking tools, woodcarving, knives, scissors etc.
  • Excellent package of accessories included with grinder


The lower portion of the stone runs in a bath of water. As the stone revolves it carries the water continuously over the grinding surface, thus cooling it and eliminating the risk of overheating. The grindstone runs at 90 - 150rpm, driven by a compact powerful 160W motor. Motor speed is controlled by a variable speed switch. When the grindstone diameter is 250mm, run the grinder at the lower 90rpm setting. Over time with constant use the grindstone will wear, the speed can be increased to compensate for this, so maintaining the optimum surface speed at all times. The Sharpener includes: a Stone Grader, applying this changes the stone from coarse to fine and back again, a Straight Edge Jig for hand plane blades and chisels, an Angle Setting Jig, for precise repeatability, a Bevel Angle Measuring Device, to measure the existing bevel angle of your tools, a tube of Honing Compound for that final polished edge, the support arm to carry the jigs and adjust the angle of attack and an instructional DVD.

Additional Information
Grit 250g
Model JSSG-10
Nett Weight 10.5kg
Overall L X W X H 406 x 305 x 330mm
Power Input 160W
Rating No
Speed 90-150rpm
Voltage No
Wheel Diameter 250mm (12.7mm bore)
Wheel Width 50mm

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Customer Reviews


By: Jonathan Dempsey

Posted: 23 May 2015

This is a great piece of kit. Straight out the box it worked. However there were a few problems with ordering. It seems someone tried to process my purchase 3 times which means I am £500.00 down until after the bank holiday because of a screw up at Axminster tools and the bank can't get me my money back. That aside and I don’t think there is any deliberate attempt to defraud me, the delivery was perfect. Although thats to do with DPD rather than Axminster tools.

The only gripe I have is the DVD which is good but not great. It explains everything pretty well but I have a feeling the chap doing the demo’s is lucky to have all his fingers. But this is a small point.

Anyway I now have a workshop full of scary sharp tools. BRILLIANT


By: Mark de Roussier

Posted: 7 January 2015

This tool does a good job of sharpening things when you have it working, and it's only 60% of the price of an equivalently specced Tormek, so from that point of view it's a winner. The engineering is certainly not as good. I don't mark it down for that alone, that's partly a 'you get what you pay for' thing. But when you encounter so many quality issues, some of which prevent the machine being used before they're fixed, then you have to question the quality control. Out of tolerance plastic moulding that prevented the water tray from fitting. Needing to file down the aluminium on a tool holder to get proper clamping. And a truing tool that I wish I hadn't bought, as it contains a single diamond which only serves to score the surface, requiring a great deal of work ( and use of the grader ) to get a usable stone. Also, the truing tool needed fettling before it could be used at all due to a misthreaded hex bolt. Buy it, but be prepared to fix it.


By: Desmond

Posted: 2 April 2014

This is a really great machine and easily puts a fine edge on many different tools.
The diamond truing tool is *not* necessary, it doesn't matter in the slightest if the whetstone runs slightly off centre and, with careful use, the whetstone will tend to true up anyway.
What is essential is to align the tool guide bar so that tools will be honed evenly across their width, this should be done using a small try square on the edge of the stone and adjusting the guide bar using the lock screws. Once aligned leave it in place.
I bought a second guide bar and the additional accessory bar so that I have a bar in each of the holders (above and below the whetstone) and the accessory bar over the leather stropping wheel all aligned and ready for use.
Most of the accessory tool holders are not necessary, knives for example can easily be honed freehand, and I hone lathe chisels using the supplied small table.


By: Daniel

Posted: 4 January 2014

I purchased a jet whetstone sharpener from Axminster and I can say I was pleased with the quality of the build and gadgets supplied with it. the angle finding tools are very useful and the stone and leather wheel and both of good quality. good value for money. I use the tormek version at college and there's not much difference in the tools. however once I played the complement D.V.D I was quick to notice that it states you need a diamond tipped stone truing tool as the wheels cannot be perfectly trued in the factory. which didn't bother me until I found out that they cost £49.00. I believe Axminster should have wrote this in the tool description, stating that you need this accessory. I also believe that they bulk up the price as you have no option but to buy one to get the stone trued. I am pleased with the tool and Axminster service in general but this problem needs to be addressed. if people buy this tool with only £169.00 to spend then they have spent all their money on a tool that they cannot use to its potential.


By: jim hanna

Posted: 25 November 2013

The JET unit seems well built, the wheel is supposed to be trued at the factory so I didn’t use the diamond truing too before use. However I did true the wheel as I became familiar with the system as I felt it was slightly out of square, too little to notice on a grind across a chisel but I felt my plane blades needed the wheel to be trued.. The truing tool, which is not included with the basic system, should probably be regarded as essential. Even with this included in the price the JET system is still much cheaper than most competitors.

I didn’t like the DVD manual but that’s a personal thing, some people learn better by watching a video demo, others find text and diagrams easier. All the required information is there on the DVD and it’s an excellent guide to the unit but I found I had to watch it two or three times and make notes to make sure I got it right when I went out to the shed.
Getting a razor sharp edge is easy even for a novice. A wetstone sharpener may seem expensive but it was a big improvement to my woodworking experience, all my tools are sharp now and the ease and speed of using the Jet means they stay sharp.

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