Jet JWBS-16X Bandsaw
Jet JWBS-16X Bandsaw

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Jet JWBS-16X Bandsaw

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  • Solid cast iron table tilts from -10° to +45°
  • Complete with precision T-style fence assembly and re-saw post
  • Balanced cast iron wheels with curved, long-life PU tyres
  • Upper and lower precision guides for improved performance
  • Mitre gauge tilts 60° to each side
  • Micro switch on door for safety
  • Precision cutting height setting using large handwheels and rack system
  • Standard built-in cutting height scale to read the exact depth of the cut
  • Large, cast iron blade tension handwheel with blade tension scale
  • Fully interlocked doors, electro-mechanical motor brake
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NOW £1,260.00

Normally £1,666.37

(£1,050.00 Ex. VAT)

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  • Jet JWBS-16X Bandsaw
  • Axcaliber Premium Blade 3,124mm(123") x 13mm(1/2") x 10-14 Tpi
Total: £1,300.15

In Detail

The Jet JWBS-16X is intended for heavy work and has cast iron blade wheels, a super cast iron table which can tilt from -10° to +45°, a locking rip fence which is supported at the front and rear of the table and extends slightly beyond the cast iron table to give an excellent capacity on both sides of the blade. On the face of the rip fence is a point cutting attachment which is ideal for re-sawing. The mitre fence is 'T' slotted into the table for accuracy, safety and extended capacity. The blade is guided both above and below the table with micrometer-adjusted thrust and bearing rollers which give a positive support to the blade, resulting in a very good quality of cut and extended blade life.

With fully interlocked doors, electro-mechanical motor brake and with easily accessible blade tension and tracking controls, this machine is for the professional workshop where an accurate bandsaw with good capacities can become a very popular machine with which to work. To move this machine around the workshop we recommend the purchase of the mobile base unit. This additional base unit is easy to fit and allows the machine to be moved without fear of tipping the unit over or causing any damage to either the operator or the machine.

N.B. A 20A supply is recommended when used with 230V supply.



Blade Speed 900m/min
Blade Width Min\Max 3mm (1/8") to 32mm (1.1/4")
Dust Extraction Outlet 100mm (x 1)
Max Depth of Cut 250mm
Max Width of Cut 405mm
Max Width of Cut with Fence 355mm
Model JWBS-16X
Nett Weight 130kg
Overall L x W x H 800 x 950 x 1,850mm
Power 1.1kW (Max Input 1.9kW) 230V 1ph
Rating Industrial
Table Height 950mm
Table Size 430 x 430mm
Table Tilt 10° - 0° - 45°
Min Extraction Airflow Required 1,500m³/hr
Bandsaw Blade Length 3,124mm (123")
Bandsaw Wheel Diameter 420mm
Reviews (7)

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 reviews

Newest Customer Reviews


F Griffith

21 July 2016

Good but takes a lot of tuning.

This is a good bandsaw - but there are a few things little things that niggle and I feel like they could have easily been avoided. Again, with a bit of work and TLC this bandsaw is great, but it's worth noting this before you buy.

The table stop for keeping table at 90 degrees is very awkward to set, so I rarely use it. Instead I just level the table and lock it down without using the stop. This is a minor thing, but does mean I feel the need to check the table is level more regularly than with other saws I've used.

The bottom blade guides are also really awkward to adjust, and this saw does need to be set up perfectly to cut well. If you put in the time it will cut great, but you'll need patience if you want to do a lot of heavy work like cutting veneers on it, as I have found it will need tuning fairly frequently.

There is also a knack to getting the fence to lock down square - so watch out for that, but if you hold it square as you lock it then it sorts this problem.

Finally, investing in good blades is definitely worth it to help with cutting inconsistencies.

Phil Stevens

9 January 2016

Quiet, powerful and solid.

I bought this to replace a 12" Delta that had provided good service but was limited in its capacity and capabilities. It will be for serious hobby use for small flat work and preparation of both spindle and bowl turning blanks from green and dry tree limbs.

I looked at the 14" bandsaws, but the footprint of the 16" ones was all but identical, so chose this one based on many reviews and hands on in store. This model was out of stock in the warehouse, so I bought the store display model. I paid at 3:30 on the Tuesday afternoon and Graham rolled up the next morning at 10:00am and helped offload it onto my trolley to take to the workshop. The second time Graham has delivered, a true gem of a guy. Superb service.

The build quality of the saw is quite evident from the first encounter. The paintwork surpasses my cars' finish, everything about it is solid and machined to quite fine tolerances. As the store had already assembled the machine, apart from some minor realignments, I had none of the struggles others report as basic assembly instructions.

The fitted blade should be considered as packaging!! Even after completely resetting all guides and tensions it could not cut a straight line in 9mm ply!!! I thought I had bought a lemon. However, I was given an Axcalibur blade as well in the store, so decided to swap blades straight away. WOW, now what a difference a decent blade made. Reset the guides, immediately cutting true and accurate up to 7 inch resaw, the largest timber I had to test. Cutting 2mm veneers of 6" x 2" stock is effortless. 4-5" hardwood for bowl blanks is like cutting butter. Dust extraction is 99% efficient, after an hour of resawing, there isn't a cupful of dust in the lower cabinet, nothing but a very light dusting in the top. Unsure why one review states the table has to be removed to change blades, there is indeed one adjusting screw that is totally inaccessible with normal Allen keys. BUT, cut a 5mm Allen key so one leg is 50mm, the other is 14mm and it is easy to now undo the back locking screw to slide the side thrust bracket forward to align the side thrust washer edge just behind the gullet. When tracking the blades, it is quite possible to have the gullet in the same position for 1/8 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 inch blades. I only need to adjust this setting when fitting a 3/4 or 1" blade. Therefore for nearly all my cutting, guide adjustment is tool free, and use the modified Allen key occasionally. Never the need to remove the table. The startup is a surprise. The motor starts off at a very slow pace and 'winds up' to full speed over two or three seconds. This saves the violent kick start of other saws, and reduces the initial electrical start loading on the circuit. It runs quite happily on a standard ring circuit, with a 13a fuse in the plug. I do though have a 'c' type breaker in the consumer unit as my dust extractor occasionally tripped the breaker. No tripping now. I have it screwed to the floor and there is no movement in the column at all. Rise and fall of the top guide is so smooth, it glides. My overall impression at this time is that this will probably be the last bandsaw I will ever need to buy. Well pleased with both the service and the machine.

Stephen Bayliss

17 September 2015

Good top end hobby machine

I was bought this a a combined retirement/birthday present as an upgrade from my Axminmster 120 - since I needed to be able to tackle thicker pieces for both roughing out carving work pieces and log conversion . It's an excellent heavy, stable, quiet performer that will tackle fine scrolling with a 1/8" blade up to reasonable sized log conversion with a 1" blade and do all of it well. Axminster service and delivery and help getting it into my cramped workshop was superb - and an excellent price too. I really like being able to see the tracking through the window and the tension guide and the dust extraction port is perfectly placed and angled

Only let down ( hence missing the 5 stars) by a couple of annoying quirks - and a poor (almost telegraphic) user/set up manual

Firstly you can't adjust the lower blade guides when you change blades without removing the (commendably heavy) table - just can't get at the rear Allen screw to move the blade guide carrier forward and back for different width blades. tThis is compounded by the deisgn of the blade access slot at right angles to the usual direction which means if the blade is on you have to rotate the table 90 degrees to remove it - which you can' do with the long guide rails on (hint- remove the blade before the table!) ... and that means removing the fence guide rails too - 9 hard to get at machine screws - which means you have to go all all through trueing up rails, table and fence again when you have the new blade on. Makes blade changes really, really tedious - Jet really should fix this in a redesign and it possible to access the rear guide block retaining screw from the right hand side (perhaps hex head rather than Allen key recess on the top?)

2nd if you use the Jet mobile base it is indeed easy to move - BUT the base's internal depth is 3mm deeper than the actual base of the bandsaw, which means the mobile base edges foul the lower wheel door and since upper and lower doors are linked you can't open either wheel door- Nothing in either mobile base or bandsaw handbook warns you of this. Answer is to put a 6 or 9mm sheet of ply false base between the mobile base and machine base- but it's very inconvenient to find this all out once you have the 160 kg machine mounted in the mobile base and find it's unusable, then have to figure out away do lifting it off to achieve this. More careful design of accessories that are supposed to be compatible please Jet .

Finally the manual - truly awful on setup, no mention at all of the rear table extension (look I've got a bit left over!) , photos and diagrams too small and from wrong angle to see where rail mounting screws go etc. Brief to the point of absurdity. Jet - employ a decent photographer and a native English technical writer - advice to buyer - get yourself a good book or DVD on setting up your bandsaw if you want to get the best out of this nice solid machine

Ray candy

12 November 2014

JET JWBS-16X Bandsaw.

I purchased the jet JWBS 16 X bandsaw around six months ago, when the machine arrived via Axminster delivery it was in a very large crate very well packaged, as usual great communication from myself and Axminster sales team to ensure the machine was delivered on time, as it was. the delivery drivers again as usual a great help in getting machine from Lorry into my workshop. I did have a few teething problems initially setting this machine up mainly due to the fact there was a grub screw slightly holding the cast-iron bed up so when trying to true the machine it wasn't trueing up, and I went through a few blades because of this however once I explained to Axminster they quite happily sent me out new blades free of charge. I purchased my bandsaw from Axminster Tools in Axminster and again as usual the staff there were very helpful and answered all the questions I needed to ask and like I said in previous reviews the stores manager Craig is an Oracle in this industry this machine is very well built, a very user friendly Machine and very very accurate. blade change is fairly simple once you've done it a few times. everything is accessible which makes it really easy to get a full clean down once a week, again a machine for life five-stars
Again a very happy customer!
Just a quick tip I did through my own error managed to cut straight through the tyre for the upper wheel, if you ever encounter this problem you will no doubt a look on YouTube to find the best way to get a new tyre on your wheel they all say boil the kettle and pour it over the tyre I tried this and failed on three or four attempts . The best way is to get a large saucepan boil the water and place the tyre in the pan leave it for a few minutes then take out and apply to the cast-iron wheel, you will need to two people to achieve this fairly easily, other than that is very difficult to do on your own. Hope this helps.

Sebastian Pecchia

2 November 2014

Very very good but needs fettling

Ordered this as an upgrade to my Record, Axminster very slick with delivery , cheers Arry. Once you get it put together you will have to do a full setup. I binned the blade that was on it when it came as the chances of it cutting straight is nil as they get knocked about in transit . I did find the bracket that holds the cutting deck was not bolted down on one side , easy enough to sort . I fitted new blade and did guide adjustment , not sure why but the upper guide blocks are very easy to move back and forth the lower guides are a pain in the £&&@ , uppers have wing nuts, lowers have awkward Allen key adjustment that's really tight to get into ... But stick at it and the saw cuts as straight as an arrow down to veneer. Love the tracking window. Would recommend . It's v good

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