Lamello Zeta P2 T-Slot Biscuit Jointer

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Lamello Zeta P2 T-Slot Biscuit Jointer

Code: 502914

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Key Features

Lamello 2 Year Warranty
  • Upgraded Zeta with a P-System depth adjuster
  • Unique dual function biscuit jointer
  • Produces special 'T' slot for Clamex P joiners
  • Can also be used as standard biscuit jointer
  • Clamex P fitting is almost totally concealed
  • Clamping fitting that overcomes many design problems

In Detail

The Zeta P2 is the second generation Zeta fitted with the new P-system depth adjuster. The Zeta offers more than a standard biscuit jointer, with an undercut function to allow for the fitting of special concealed Clamex P connectors that slide into the 'T' slot produced. The connector also clamps, so no additional clamping methods are required. Almost totally concealed; the only visible sign is a single 6mm hole, making it ideal for many applications such as furniture, shop fitting and exhibitions. It is also suitable for solid wood and manmade boards, overcoming many design issues.

Unique to Lamello, the jointer has a special vertical mechanical drive (VMD) engaging when the jointer is at full plunge, moving the cutter up and down in one full turn and only then disengaging to produce the 'T' slot to accept the special Clamex biscuit. The undercut function can be switched off and a 7mm slot will be produced, a 'Bisco' biscuit can then be used. Replace the special blade with a 4mm biscuit blade and use as a standard biscuit jointer. The new P-System depth adjuster has 5 settings for the ever growing range of Clamex connectors and when used with a standard biscuit jointing blade.

As with all Lamello, product design and build are of the highest quality. Other features include precise plunge with clear depth setting, jointer fences with flush sides to make positioning simple, the fence fits with vee grooves for accuracy and clear angle scale.

The jointer is supplied in a set with a special 7mm blade, assorted fittings, drill bit, drill stop collar, drill guide, suction adaptor and wooden box.

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Dust Extraction Yes
Model Zeta
Nett Weight 3.7
Power 1,050W
Rating Industrial
Tilting Base Yes
Voltage 230V
Blade Diameter 100mm
Bore Size 22mm
Reviews (1)

Reviews (1)


Kris Lamba

9 September 2015

Amazing and specialised piece of kit

I bought this machine to connect some awkward compound angled components in a desk build last year (Aero desk viewable here: ). It was the only possible solution, in part due to the need for a very high quality knockdown fixing and also because traditional clamping methods simply weren't possible. The Clamex connectors are incredibly well made and apply huge amounts of pressure directly to the face of what ever it is your joining. This makes long mitres an absolute breeze (make sure you have a Clamex near the face to avoid movement).

For basic joinery where you may have used a biscuit or domino, the Zeta P2 gives a stress free (and potentially glue free) solution. The downside is the price as the connectors aren't cheap at £1.50 each. I have also used the invis system which has different applications, but imo the Clamex is a lot more precise. The build quality is amazing, so why Lamello have you changed your 3 year guarantee to only 1 year???

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