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Dust Extractors

Dust and chippings of any sort, be it in the workshop or on site, are a hazard and dangerous to health. Our extensive range of dust extractors means that it's easier to keep this menace under control.
Fine Dust Extractors Fine Dust Extractors

Highly efficient cyclonic dust and chipping extractors for trade and industry

Chip Extractors Chip Extractors

Designed specifically to extract chippings from planers and planer thicknessers

Air Filters Air Filters

A filter that works quietly in the background to clean the workshop air

Power Tool Extractors Power Tool Extractors

Extractors with a small hose, specifically intended to use with power tools

Down Draft Tables Down Draft Tables

A great aid when there's a lot of wood dust generated by hand sanding

Vacuum Extractors Vacuum Extractors

Extractors for all types of workshop waste, including fine and hazardous dust

Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners

Deal with dust and liquid spillage using one of our vacuum cleaners