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Empire Professional Combination Squares


Key Features

  • Robust die-cast heads
  • Built-in level and scriber
  • Stainless steel blades either 300mm or 400mm long


These combination squares, made in Wisconsin, USA, have robust die-cast heads, machined on the edges as well as the faces, a built-in level and scriber and stainless steel blades marked on both surfaces. The locking mechanism is very positive and easy to use. There is a choice of 300mm or 400mm blade lengths.

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Customer Reviews


By: Jean Louis

Posted: 27 November 2014

Une très belle équerre, bien construite, précise: le test par retournement par le lui-même, on ne voit qu'un seul trait.
Je recommande ce produit à mes amis.


By: Michael Elmkjær Madsen

Posted: 28 August 2014

If you get one of these thats square out of the box, consider yourself lucky. This is NOT a the same quality as Starret or Mitutoyo. But neither is the pricepoint the same - you get what you pay for. The casual DIY user or beginning woodworker beware. It's absolutely critical you check it for squareness before you start using it and file it with a needlefile or shave it down with the rulerblade to achieve decent precision. Lay it down on a piece of MDF or similar with a true, straight edge and cut a line with SHARP marking knife or an EXTREMELY thin and sharp pencil before flipping it over and checking for squareness. Repeat on different spots on the wood to be certain your reading is correct, Lots of good youtube videos on how to tune it up. This way you CAN achieve good accuracy.


By: Maarten

Posted: 8 April 2014

The first item I got wasn't square. Although this can be adjusted using a file or the method suggested by Rob T, the 45 degree angle on this item was 45.5 degrees, this is of course impossible to fix, and Axminster send me a new one, which was a great service. The second one was square out of the box, however it still had a 45.5 degree angle on the other part. Empire didn't respond to my emails and apparently didn't respond to Axminsters' emails either. In the end it didn't get resolved and I got a discount from Axminster on a new order. So great service from Axminster, lousy product and service from Empire.


By: Rob T

Posted: 22 February 2014

Bought this square on the reviews of others however was disappointed by the accuracy. Contacted Axminster who immediately sent a replacement and a returns slip, but the next one was nearly as bad. 30 thou out when flipped to check for accuracy. Was just about to return them both when I saw a You Tube video by John Heisz entitled Adjusting a Combination square. A couple of minutes work after watching the video and I now have a totally accurate square.


By: Julian

Posted: 11 December 2013

Having bought, and been given, many of these over the years, I had despaired of ever finding one that was actually square, and was giving serious consideration to paying a lot more than this one cost just to get one that was actually square.
I found this whilst browsing in the Basingstoke shop, and tried it out by drawing two lines back to back on their sales desk (on a piece of paper mind you!). It was actually square, and so it ended up in my basket... Very happy.

Other nice features are the clamp screw is retained in the body when the rule is removed, and so doesn't fall out and get lost under the bench, and the rule (although only in metric - meh) graduations all start from the same point enabling measurements to be accurately transferred from one side to the other without changing position. This now has 'first use' status in my workshop.

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