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ProGrip Guide Clamp


Key Features

  • Acts as a straight edge to guide routers and other power tools
  • Ideal for holding and clamping work pieces
  • Available in three lengths
  • Various accessories are available


ProGrip guide clamps offer a versatile and secure work holding/clamping method and also form the basis of a power tool guide system for routers, circular saws etc. They are available in three lengths, based on an aluminium extrusion. In addition a heavy-duty guide clamp is available, 1,270mm long by 50mm wide for extra strength. All the clamps incorporate T-slots for attaching an assortment of accessories forming an exceptionally versatile system. The positive clamping mechanism has three progressive clamping pressures, allowing for final positioning before securely locking. The clamps are fitted with a scale for setting lengths and stop positions. Accessories available for the ProGrip clamps are - (a) back to back adaptors for securing workpieces to a bench or work surface, (b) a stop for limiting the travel of the router when cutting stopped grooves, panel mouldings etc., (c) a pair of right angle brackets used in conjunction with a pair of clamp guides to make a bandsaw re-sawing jig, or similar sliding carriage, (d) a featherboard for use with fences and guides.

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Customer Reviews


By: Steve Grey

Posted: 6 October 2014

Very quick and easy to clamp in place securely and are solid and rigid. I bought the longest which is great but a bit unwieldy when only using on narrow pieces. However, I don't begrudge that at all and will soon buy myself the 24" version as well.


By: Graham Crawford

Posted: 9 June 2013

What did I do before this tool couldn't saw a straight line with either a circular or jigsaw . Best thing since sliced bread for fumble fingers like me


By: John

Posted: 5 June 2013

My only complaint, is, why did I not buy one of these years ago? Easy to set square an guides saw, router etc well. Bought the 915mm model, very useful. Much quicker than trying to find a straight bit of scrap wood and jiggling 2 G clamps which invariably end up in the way of cables, elbows etc..


By: Claude Quesnel

Posted: 23 May 2013

First, it is very easy to install, and when installed it does'nt move.Second it is rigid, with it your router follow a strait line, not a curve !
Onely a regret : I choosed the 36" size, for certain jobs it is too short, I think the 50" should be better.
Claude Quesnel from France.


By: Ole Ralph Hammer

Posted: 29 August 2012

I ordered a couple of clamps to try them out and I was impressed. I wish I ordered them years ago, They make my woodworking so much easier. Very easy to install, solid, rigid, doesn’t move. Does exactly was it promises. I will get some more..

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