Proxxon FF 500 MICRO Mill
Proxxon FF 500 MICRO Mill
£1,989.98 (£1,658.32 Ex. VAT)

Proxxon FF 500 MICRO Mill

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  • A very accurate European made machine
  • Powerful, quiet and shock-free condenser motor (400W)
  • Solid column with dovetail slideway
  • Poly-V belt drive for 6 spindle speeds between 180 and 2,500rpm
  • Plane-milled table in steel (400 x 125mm) with three T-slots
  • Handwheels with adjustable scale ring 1 rev. = 2.0mm, 1 coarse division = 0.1mm, 1 fine division = 0.02mm
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£1,989.98 (£1,658.32 Ex. VAT)

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In Detail

Quiet, good looking and multifunctional. For accuracies of up to 0.05 mm.

A machining centre for milling, drilling and countersinking which has yet to be equalled. Made in Europe.

Milling head can be pivoted by 360° (with degree graduation). Preset rotational speed by simple moving of Poly V-belt. Sleeve feed (30mm) using drilling lever with scale ring (1 graduation line = 1mm). Uses ER20 collets.

Workpiece fixing using 6 - 8 - 10 and 12mm chucks (included in delivery). Extension height adjustment using hand wheel with scale ring (1 turn = 2mm). Solid, plane-milled compound table in steel with three continuous T-slots for size 8 standard T-nuts.

Technical data:

230V. 400W. 50/60Hz. Spindle speeds 180, 350, 550, 800, 1,300 and 2,500rpm. Extension (to spindle centre) 100mm. Column 120 x 100 x 420mm. Table 400 x 125mm. Traverse range vertical (z-axis) 220mm, transverse (x-axis) 310mm, depth (y-axis) 100mm. Total height 780mm. Weight approx. 47kg.

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Lateral Table Movement 310mm
Longitudinal Table Movement 100mm
Model FF 500
Nett Weight 47kg
Power 400W
Rating Trade
Spindle Speed (6) 180 - 2,500rpm
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Customer Reviews

Overall rating 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

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27 May 2016

A quality bench top mill, for those with limited space, but not without its issues.

I bought my FF500 to upgrade from using a vertical slide in my lathe. At 50kg it's not light, but it is movable by one person relatively easily. The key reason I bought it was because I've owned and been totally blown away by the capabilities of the MF70, so I reasoned that this is going to be like that, but much better. I asked Axminster if the column and its dovetailed slides were steel, to which they replied yes, they would be steel. Unfortunately after I'd bought it, I found out that the column is in fact an Aluminium extrusion, a scaled up design, borrowed from the MF70. This being the case, rigidity is always going to be a compromise, so you've got to be mindful of these physical limitations, when you decide what to mill and how to mill it. Like many things in life, marriage included, having too high expectations going in to a partnership can be a sure way to find dissappointment. However, if you are considerate of the realistic nature of things, a great deal of happiness awaits you.

The best thing about it is the precision steel cooordinate table, pure quality and more than able to hold sub thou. tolerances and big enough for all but the largest jobs. My version, it turned out, was the old production version, from 2009, which meant it utilises the older Proxxon specific collets and not the standard ER20 that it now uses. Even with the latter, as has been mentioned, the lack of MT spindle bore and any through drilling, means that your tooling is severely limited. Possibly the worst feature is the belt change system, which requires the loosening of two inaccessible bolts, held only by about three threads through a mild steel plate. Surprise, one of these stripped, despite very gentle handling. Luckily managed to tease it out and replace it with a high tensile bolt. The range of speeds limits the cutter range that you can use, especially if you go below 6mm or so while milling stainless etc. However if you use it within its limits, just like the MF70, it can deliver consistent high precision results. Paired with the Emco flycutter, the finish is something to have in your hands, truly professional results.

The FF500 has been discontinued as of Summer 2016, so get your spares while you can. The good news is that they've updated the machine in the guise of the new improved FF500/BL, a fully variable motor, now having replaced the clumsy belt change system. It also now offers 3000rpm, so more speed for small tooling and improving surface finish. Apparently the head on the BL is not interchangeable with the old machine, shame, because my machine could do with a upgrade of its spindle, due to the former owner having asked too much of it whilst milling steel. Although I think that my mill may have been employed as a production unit, judging by the wear in the middle of the table travel and the 30 or so endmills, which are all chipped and worn. Even though this is the case, it is still used every week as a prototyping machine and can match any reasonable demand that I place on it.

In summary, Proxxon as a brand is a real contradiction at times. On the one hand they make tools like the MF70, which when used well, can produce toolroom results for very little outlay. On the other, they can neglect their direct customer service with UK buyers and can produce real abominations, like the poorly ground 24255 "Precision" vice and incorporate design flaws in to products, like the hopelessly restricted spindle and Aluminium column of the FF500. Overall, in common with most other Proxxon products, a fantastic machine, but for the money, probably a good idea to also take a look at the Wabeco F1200 or even consider the Cowells. for smaller precision work. It is described as a trade rated milling machine, though I would say that this mill is not really in that class. If however they made that column a solid steel unit, put a 1.5KW motor on it and gave it an MT2 spindle with a draw bar, then it would be one of only 2 European made precision machines that could claim to be a truly old guard quality machine. If you are looking for a small prototype R&D or model engineering mill, it will serve you well and you will grow to love and live with all it's attributes, good and bad.

Mike Richardson

8 February 2016

Nowhere near the quality I was expecting.

I received this mill today, after waiting a month for delivery.

On initial inspection, I was very disappointed. The hand wheel graduations are not properly engraved, but are merely Dymo tapes wrapped round the wheels. They won't last 5 minutes in the shop. The arbour is not drilled out properly to accept longer shank tooling (why not?). I can't use my drill chuck or boring bar without cutting off their shanks.

There is no proper mechanism for releasing the belt tension to change speeds. To do so, you have to partly dismantle the motor head, so a speed change is not trivial.

Axminster have been unable to advise me whether the fine feed attachment for the Z axis is usable or not (I believe it is).

The front panel, giving the speeds for various materials, has got a nasty scuff mark on it.

It's better quality than the Chinese rubbish, but no so much as to justify the price premium.

Derek Blackshaw

23 December 2015

proxxon ff500

Excellent quality and top marks for accuracy.You need to keep in mind that large work is out of the remit for this machine but for modelling and fine work it is excellent in all respects.I find it an absolute pleasure to use and the quality is outstanding! Buy with confidence as you will not be disappointed!

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