Receive 160 FREE Lamello Connectors

Recommend a friend and receive 160 FREE Lamello connectors worth over £160 for your Zeta

Lamello Zeta P2 Lamello Zeta P2

Do you know someone who would benefit from the innovation behind the Lamello Zeta P2?

Why not recommend them for a free demonstration?

For every one of your friends who then goes on to buy a Zeta P2 you’ll receive 160 free Lamello P-System connectors worth over £160, including 80 Clamex P-14 and the Starter Set of 80 Tenso P-14. To help get them started your friend will also receive 80 Clamex P-14 worth over £94!

Here's what they can do...

Clamex P Connector

Clamex P

Overcome many design problems with the detachable clamping connector. Creates an almost invisible joint without the need for glues or screws.

Lamello Clamex P

Fast installation

Inserting instead of screwing or gluing.



Open the connection time and time again with the rotating lever.



The small, hardly visible opening (Ø = 6mm) serves to close and open the connector.


High clamping force

Clamp and glue work pieces at any angle, ~ 80kg.



Work pieces with pre-installed P-System fittings are stackable for storage and transport.



The shallow element depth allows for mitres from 22.5 – 180°, surface, corner and dividing panel connections.

Clamex P Connectors
Tenso P Connector

Tenso P

An invisible fitting that creates a high tensile force without the need for clamps. Simplifies storage and transport as pieces can quickly be assembled on site.

Lamello Tenso P

Fast installation

Inserting instead of screwing or gluing.



Fixed joints of two workpieces.



No visible fitting.


High clamping force

Allows for perfect alignment and clamps the workpieces ~ 15kg.



Simple gluing of mitre joints.


Lower assembly force

Only a short power impulse necessary to join, regardless of the number of connectors.

Tenso P Connectors
Clamex Application

No glue or screws are required, simple assembly

Tenso Application

Self-locking, self-clamping for rapid assembly with or without glue

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