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Wide Bodied Low Angle Block Plane


Key Features

  • Low angle blade 13.5°, particularly useful for end grain work
  • Solid, cast and polished bronze cap
  • Accurately machined cast iron body with brass fittings
  • Adjustable mouth allowing for either thin or thick shavings
  • 157mm long, 41mm blade


A hybrid plane, incorporating the best attributes of both its parents. It has a low blade angle of the 60.1/2, coupled with the size and width of a 9.1/2. The adjustable mouth and a fine feed blade give you great control for fine or coarse work. The base is cast iron with brass fittings and a polished bronze cap. The length is 157mm and the blade width 41mm, seated at 13.5°.

Additional Information
Blade Width 41mm
Model N/A
Nett Weight N/A
Overall Length 157mm
Overall L X W X H N/A

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Customer Reviews


By: A. Nonymous

Posted: 5 November 2014

This is my first decent block plane and I am really impressed. I had been using one of the Groz variations and thinking it was ok, when really it was only holding an edge for a few passes and was complete poo. As I have started using my tools more, I have found the limitations of them. I needed a decent block plane for a while and was put off by high prices, even though I knew they'd be a good investment. I decided on this from the reviews here and elsewhere and have been very, very happy with it. It didn't need much setting up, just taking the oil off and giving the blade a quick hone. So far, I have just used it on end grain with a shooting board and it is superb, no breaking out or anything. Setting up is easy and the blade stays true and square. It has a nice bit of weight to it when shooting and the wide body makes it nicer to use for this task too. For the price I could not have asked for anything more and if you are just starting out and are unsure or hocked at spending lots of money, then buy this plane or any of the other Rider block planes. They are really excellent.


By: harald werner

Posted: 4 May 2014

Very nice planer, works perfectly on end grain, excellent value, so why should I spend 3 time the price for a lie Nielsen or veritas one


By: Julian

Posted: 18 March 2014

I bought this plane last Saturday from the Axminster store in Axminster. They had a good selection of Varitas and Lie Neilson block planes on display so that you could feel and have a good look at them. But to justifie £150 on a plane that would be used on site was out of the question. The Rider was on display next to the sales counter and after having a good look at it, thought for £40 it ain't bad so I got it. It was well packaged with plenty of oil on it for protection. After cleaning it off I honed the bed down as it had a dimple in the middle. Then striped it down and filed off the rough bits of casting around the blade mouth then sharpened the blade up on the sticky backed sand paper I also bought on the same visit. After re assembling it I tried it on the end grain of some oak skirting and was impressed with how easy it cut through. Today It did a full day of work on ceader (with a little help from me) and held its edge all day. Most impressed. Even the chippie working with me tried it and said one would be on his shopping list next Time he visits the store. Well recommended.


By: Steve McG

Posted: 21 January 2014

This tool has a lovely 'heft' and as is usual with Axminster, excellent value. Great straight out of the box, a little time spent degreasing, buffing the sole and honing the blade turns it into an excellent tool. I'd love a LN or Veritas, but cannot justify the cost. This is a good working tool, and I found the blade holds it's edge well. Everyone who's tried it thinks it is great and think it is more expensive than it is. The wider blade makes it just that little more useful. This is my third Rider plane and they are all great value.


By: Jake G

Posted: 6 January 2014

Ok.. So this is a nice tool to work with and represents really good value. The cast body is not perfect but overall is a nice quality, probably about the standard you'd expect for the money. Like always, I wish I could afford to spend a little more, but where budget dictates, you could do a lot worse with your cash.
As advertised, the low angle works nicely with end grain. All of the adjustments and features make this plane adaptable to a good range of situations and the brassy bits give a it a great look and feel.
My one main gripe is that the blade, while not a bad quality, could be better. I'd rather pay an extra 10 or 20 quid for something of a higher grade, which in my opinion would vastly improve the tool. Don't get me wrong,it takes a good edge- I just wish it would last a little longer.
Despite this, I don't regret the purchase and have no doubt that I'll get some good use out of this tool.

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