Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Bench
Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Bench
£351.50 - £465.50 (£292.92 - £387.92 Ex. VAT)

Sjobergs Nordic Plus 1450 Bench

  • Sturdy under frame from Scandinavian pine
  • Hard Nordic birch top built to last
  • Double row of dog holes from each vice location
  • Steel vice spindles, up to 1300kp force
  • 4 vice mounting locations
  • Suitable for right-handed or left-handed people
  • Supplied as standard with 4 bench dogs and 2 vices
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£351.50 - £465.50 (£292.92 - £387.92 Ex. VAT)

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The sturdy under frame is made from Scandinavian pine and with the hard Nordic birch top the bench is built to last a lifetime of normal use. A double row of 19mm (3/4") dog holes run from each of the four vice locations, giving an endless opportunity to clamp your work. There are four mounting locations for the vices allowing you to configure the vices to best suit your working preference. Both vices can be mounted on the front for heavy-duty clamping or one at either end for clamping in two positions and maximum clamping distance. The Nordic bench is equally suited to right-handed people and left-handed people. 4 steel bench dogs are supplied as standard with a plastic coating that helps protect edge tools. The bench dogs are reversible for thin work pieces. Nordic benches can also be fitted with the accessory cupboard and drawer kit (0042) and the optional Holdfast (ST03), supplied as a pair, which can be located in any of the dog holes on worktop or in the holes on the front legs of the bench. Worktop area: 1340 x 500mm. Please note: Available as bench only or complete with storage module.


Sjobergs benches are kiln dried to 8% moisture content. If your workshop is not a humidity controlled environment and can exceed 75% air humidity Axminster recommends sealing the bench with 2 or 3 coats of finishing oil on the top, underside and dog holes. This treatment should be maintained from time to time.



Model Nordic Plus 1450
Nett Weight 30kg
Overall L x W x H 1,470 x 630 x 860mm
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Customer Reviews

Overall rating 4.2 out of 5 based on 9 reviews

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Peter Haslam-Brunt

27 February 2017

Good Product

I needed a small work bench for the basement storage area / workroom in the apartment building where I live most weekdays and this is ideal. The instructions are OK and if you buy the storage unit simply read the instructions for that before you begin assembly then it all becomes clear.
The multi positions for the vices is excellent which in conjunction with the bench dogs makes them very versatile. Although the handles are a little twee! I had no problems fitting them and the interchange between all positions with no problems.
Glue everything including the draw units as well as using the cleverly designed corner clips.
Treat the whole bench with a good finishing oil as it soaks it up.
Don't expect a bomb proof item, for the money it is perfectly serviceable for the hobbyist or moderate use in a confined space although with heavy use you might find the dowel and screw assembly of the legs may begin to wear and move. The storage unit is a little light weight using hardboard for the bases, I suspect that I will eventually get around to dismantling the bench and fitting ply to the base and the drawers which are about Ikea standard. All in all it took about 3Hrs to finish and is rigid enough.
The holdfasts work well and are complimentary to the bench dogs.
Delivery was fast and efficient 3 days from ordering to delivery in South East France for £34. Excellent service once again.

David Greenfield

5 January 2017

Excellent Product let down by vague instructions

I brought this with the storage unit and accessory kit.
Delivery from Axminster was prompt although it came on a day I wasn't in but the delivery man helped take it to my workshop.
First impression is of weight and quality. Most parts of of solid wood (the exceptions being the cupboard top, bottom and sides and drawer bottoms which are of MDF). The workbench top is of laminated timber. All timber was straight with very few flaws. The cuts, holes etc were very neat and sharp; indeed the joints on the drawers are works of art. I treated the whole with finishing oil as my workshop is in a cellar. The end grain in particular soaked this up. It's a fairly small bench so probably not suitable for large scale joinery but fine for DIY and domestic pottering.
I recommend downloading the instructions from the Sjoberg website and studying them. Construction of the bench is ingenious but the instructions do not show all stages and are difficult to follow; think IKEA and you get the idea. In particular, it wasn't immediately clear that the top supports for the bench are not symmetrical to the legs as the foot is. I had to take the legs apart and resemble them. For that reason I don't recommend reinforcing with glue. The cupboard caused me problems. This is held together by the legs with the back and top and bottom slotting into the frame. It was impossible to hold it together while I bolted the legs to it. In the end I used a sash clamp to hold two parts of the frame tight while I located and fixed the bolts and then did the other side in a similar fashion. None of this is shown in the instructions. The drawers are very clever and can be assembled without glue being held together with plastic L shaped clips. Incidentally the bolts holding it together stand proud of the legs; recessed one would have been neater and reduced a potential snag. Take care fixing the blocks of wood that support the tail of the vices. The fixing to hold the bench top to the legs go through these and they must be the right way round. Like another reviewer I found that the tail of one of the vices did not line up with the holes. After thinking about this I removed it from the bench top, fitted the tails through it and then fixed it in place; it worked without widening any holes. Another feature which is not trumpeted is that the vices can easily be relocated. I greased the threaded holes.
In use I've found it to be solid with none of the racking associated with cheaper benches. It moves but I've not yet bolted it to the floor or indeed leveled it. I did think I might have to bolt it to the wall but I won't bother. I found the holdfast useful but you need more than one to clamp flat objects firmly to the bench. An order has gone off to Axminster for more.

So in conclusion. I'm still very pleased with the bench and glad I brought it especially as the cupboard and drawers have soaked up some of the odd tools etc that have been lying on surfaces. The instructions are poor and do not even market the features of the bench fully (see Axminster's You tube video for this). A video showing assembly of the bench would be helpful. However overall it took me about 5 hours to assemble the whole thing plus another two hours to treat it. Generally 5 stars dropping a star for the instructions.


21 November 2016

Buyer Beware!

If you have bought the storage module with this bench, do NOT assume that because they come in separate boxes that the storage module can be put together AFTER you have put the bench up. I spent a good three hours putting the bench together and then opened the box for the cupboard to discover that the cupboard slots in between the legs of the bench in a way that can only be done at the same time as putting the bench together. There was no indication in the bench instructions that this was the case - no warning that if you have bought the cupboard then these instructions do not apply!! to spell it out more clearly, the bench instructions supplied do NOT work if you are also making the cupboard. This is really poor for the unsuspecting customer. I phoned Axminster and they very helpfully agreed to take the cupboard back, which was just as well, because there was no way I was taking the bench apart again! I could really have done with an electric screwdriver and you needed several different heads, unnecessarily, I thought (it could have been made with standard heads). Furthermore, I had problems fitting the vice, as the holes on the bench were not aligned with the holes on the vice. I had to find a different screw that was thinner to make it work. The glue also looked rubbish so I use my own wood glue. The bench wood is not good quality. It is reminiscent of budget flat pack furniture I bought from Ikea when in my twenties and couldn't afford anything else, except the price tag is not an Ikea price tag!! I wish I had forked out a lot more. Buying this piece of kit is a false economy, as I know I will be replacing it within a year or two. So, in summary, I was impressed with Axminster customer service for helping resolve my problems quickly by agreeing to take back the cupboard, but not with Sjoberg for their poor design and instructions.

Roger Price

1 November 2016

My first proper work bench as a retirement present to myself means I can get rid of 2 other temporary "work mates".

This is is simple to put together, if you read the instructions.
It is solid, and the only tip I would pass on is to glue everything as well as use the bolts, screws and dowels. Also use a bit of sandpaper on the sliding doors and all sharp edges, except the vice plates.
Finally, I would suggest that YOU MUST USE FINISHING OIL. This is mentioned if you are at risk of humidity, but it seems to give an extra shine to the product. It soaked into the bench top so tells me that the timber really needs it anyway, wherever you work.
I would go so far as to suggest Axminster might include it in the freebies pack instead of the anvil plate perhaps!

A really good investment and already it has proved its worth in only 10 days use.


5 November 2015

Really nice bench

As others have noted, assembling this bench is a hassle. Double, triple and even quad check the instruction manual and you should be OK. Keep checking orientation! Shake the little provided glue container and make note of when it's actually supposed to be used. Mine clumped up and was a hassle to work with. When done assembling, resist putting your finger into one of the dog holes, it will fit and it will get stuck making you panic a bit. Not that I'd personally know anything about this of course (twist and pull).

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