UJK Technology Parf Guide System
UJK Technology Parf Guide System
£129.95 (£108.29 Ex. VAT)

UJK Technology Parf Guide System

Code: 102278

  • Based on the Pythagoras theorem for infallible accuracy
  • Quick and easy, guaranteed results every time
  • Produce a portable cutting board whenever the need arises
  • Create custom-made, bench top track saw cutting stations
  • Made entirely in Axminster, Devon for UJK Technology
  • Includes two Parf sticks and all necessary guides and drill bits
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£129.95 (£108.29 Ex. VAT)

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In Detail

Designed by Peter Parfitt, the UJK Technology Parf Guide System (PGS) is a joint development with Axminster Tools & Machinery. Manufacturing of the system takes place entirely in Axminster, Devon under the UJK Technology brand name.
The Parf Guide System (PGS) is a highly accurate method of laying out a pattern of 20mm holes in a bench top or work surface to create a track saw cutting station. Using the PGS, this task is both quick and easy, producing spot-on results every time. With an accurate pattern of 20mm holes and a set of Veritas Parf Dogs, you will be able to make the perfect right angle or 45° cuts with a guide rail and track saw.
The PGS provides an infallible method to make a track saw cutting station on site in less than 30 minutes, making this an invaluable tool. With the PGS, you will be able to make a custom bench top or portable cutting board whenever the need arises.
Based on Pythagoras' theorem, the PGS uses two Parf sticks along with a 3mm drill guide and 3mm drill bit to create an accurately placed series of holes with the rows at perfect right angles to the columns. Then the guide block and the special 20mm bit come into play to produce the final pattern of 20mm holes.
Parf Guide System comprises two Parf Sticks, 1m long with a series of 3mm holes along the length at 96mm centres; a 3mm drill guide with 3mm drill bit and three 3mm guide pins. Plus, a guide block and a special 20mm TC drill bit with a 3mm centre guide.

Plans for a storage box for the Parf Guide System, are available below in the download section of this product. Please click on 'User Manual 2' download.

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Reviews (19)

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 19 reviews

Newest Customer Reviews


Ivan Fabian

4 March 2017

Very accurate. Simple yet brilliant.

I have had really good results using this system. Using the 4/5 cut test I am 0.4mm out over 1055mm (which is the distance between my Parf dogs. I was not particularly careful when setting this up and drilling the holes in the workbench top mainly because the workbench is old and beaten up. Despite that I get near perfect right angle cuts every time. The long Parf dogs do have minor wobble entirely eradicated when held in with the screw in knobs.

A great product. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting to make their own mft style bench top.

Thanks go to Peter Parfitt and of course Pythagoras.

Stuart Morgan

3 March 2017

Quality solution

I bought a Parf Guide System as soon as it was announced last year and today I finally got round to opening the packet!

I thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

For those that don't know it's a system for creating 20mm holes in a perfectly square pattern in wood. This is ideally used with parf dogs to create cutting tables for use with track saws (like the Festool MFT).
Inside the package you get:

2 x 1m rules with pre drilled 3mm holes
3 x 3mm pins
1 x 20mm forstner style bit (although it's specific to this set)
1 x 3mm drill bit
1 x 3mm drill guide
1 x 20mm drill guide (The big orange thing)
1 user guide

So my first thoughts are that it is a well made high quality precision tool. It oozes quality and tight tolerances. The supplied manual is clear, detailed and is a world apart from most of the manuals we see, although it's on a par with other manuals I've seen from UJK.

It's easy to set it up and to get you first row of 3mm holes. The guide for the 3mm hole helps keep the drill vertical. I had an old piece of 18mm MRMDF lying about so I used this for my test. I clamped a parf stick (Steel ruler with pre drilled holes) down to the MDF and drilled my first 3mm holes. I then swung it around roughly 90 degrees and using the 3/4/5 method set it accurately to a right angle (the manual clearly explains this so I'm not going into detail here). Once this was set I could do a set of vertical 3mm holes and then I repeated for the other side and top edge. I finally finished with another vertical set of holes in roughly the middle.

So 3mm holes all done I moved onto the 20mm holes. You use the pins and guide block to line up the 20mm cutter and away you go. I found that my 20mm cutter got clogged pretty quickly but my MDF was a bit old and going "furry". Once you've done a series of 20mm holes you have to use parf dogs to position the block as the points where the 3mm alignment holes were have become 20mm holes. You need to be aware that the 20mm parf dogs don't come with the system. Not that this is an issue as you'll be buying these to use with it anyway. For me it was a bonus as I already had parf dogs so I didn't feel like I was paying for them twice.

I did a 600 x 1000 sheet of MDF from start to finish in about an hour having never use the system before. I found the accuracy was excellent. The only downside was that the cutter kept clogging although this is likely to be the MDF. I did find that having a drill with removable chuck was incredibly useful although only my CXS has that feature and it's not the most powerful of drills.

After completing all of my holes I did a very quick check for square with a rail and it was spot on.

This was just a quick test to see how I got on with it and if it was accurate and it seems to be spot on.

I found the 20mm holes a bit of a pain but I am hopefully it's just old MDF stock.

I am intending to build a bench with this sort of top so it should be good for that.

I'd love to see a router version as I think that could be excellent.

I'd also love to see the option for dust extraction which is why I gave the features 4 stars and not 5 but overall it's a great solution.

Ian McFetridge

28 February 2017

Accurate to 0.0025 over 350mm!

I have taken a long time to finally get around to purchasing this bit of kit as I was not overly convinced it would do the job Peter Parfitt said it would. This is based on my experience with marketing hype where there is an element of "ideal conditions" to get the results demonstrated.
My Festool MFT 3 table top was in a sorry state as I accidentally set the blade on my TS55 too deep and almost cut right through the top. I decided therefore to go for the Parf Guide system on the basis that a new top would cover the bulk of the cost of the system and if it was half as accurate as claimed I would be able to make table tops at will.
I bought a sheet of moisture resistant MDF from Wickes which was reduced due to some damage, took it home and started right into making my first "MFT 3 style" table top. Being a bit of a bloke I didn't read the instructions and dived right in, sadly I omitted the second step and measured for the second set of holes but was lucky enough to get it almost right. I decided to use my first effort as a clamping table and dived right back in to my second attempt. This time I had watched Peter's demo video before I started so got it right this time around.
Having completed my new table insert I put it to the test and carried out the "five cut" test. I measured my fifth cut sliver and was surprised to find that the difference between the two end measurements was just 0.01mm. This means that my actual accuracy is 0.0025mm over the length of my cut which was 350mm.
I would like to say that if you are like I was, sitting on the fence don't! Just crack on and get ordering as you will find that scruffy MFT 3 table tops are a thing of the past as they can be cheap as chips to make up. I used cheap MDF but obviously Peter has been demonstrating using Medite which gives a superior outcome. One other spin off benefit I have discovered is that now I have a clean table top I can use the saw cut in the table to line up material knowing where the cut will be.
I had no problems with any of the components except maybe the pins were slightly tightly fitting in the holes on the Parf Sticks. I have to say the most tedious part was hanging on to the vacuum hose to catch the cuttings!

Thank you Peter and thanks Axminster for believing in him!

Rob Speak

25 February 2017

Great idea, let down by an odd problem

I bought this jig to create an MFT much like that shown in the Knowledge. It has worked well enough but for one small problem. After about a dozen 20mm holes the cutter jammed in the jig, despite regular oiling, and I had to hammer it out. It did not seem overly hot to touch, but left it overnight to cool just in case. Next morning it was a tight fit, but jammed solid on the second hole, taking some getting out. After leaving it to cool again, the cutter would not go into either bush, so I had to carefully mill down the shank (after checking that the cutter was available as a separate item!). Eventually I got it to fit the bush based on the 20mm guide, but it would have needed much more taking off to fit the 3mm guide bush so I didn't bother. I finished the table and it works well for me, but to do another I'll need a new cutter.
Overall a great idea, and so easy to create custom solutions, just let down by this odd problem.


24 February 2017

Accuracy with ease

First learnt of the PGS on tool forum. I own a MFT but it was a pain to keep lugging from van or site back to the workshop. With the PGS I was able to build a large work bench from the cheapest materials that gives me dead square cross cuts and clamping. Brilliant device.

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