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Please work, just stay there, please. Don't move, wobble or dare fall down. Please be straight. I've done my best and the least you can do is stay upright

We've all had that conversation with ourselves when finishing a recent installation, praying we've got the measurements right and that everything works.

Now's the time to put an end to doubt and frustration. Here are 20 excellent accessories that simply make projects easier...

You'll want these if you love getting stuff done

Axminster Trade Solo Speed Clamp

Speed Clamp

Quick to clamp for a secure workpiece. The saving on clamping time alone makes these worth it. Read more...

Axcaliber Saw

Rated as one of the best saws under £10 and a pleasure to use. Read more...

MetalSpur Bolts, Nuts & Washers Pack

MetalSpur Trade Pack

Nuts and bolts, the bread and butter of accessories. Frustrating if you run out, indispensable to have spares. Read more...

Axminster Trade Bitz 28 Piece TiN Coated Bit Set

Axminster Trade Bitz

Good quality bits pay for themselves - TiN coated for durability and a secure fit with the screwhead. Read more...

Liberon Wax & Polish Remover

Liberon Wax & Polish Remover

Removes old wax, grease, dirt and smoke from furniture; you'll find 101 uses around the home and workshop. Read more...

UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy

UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy

As one customer put it: "It's just one of those impossibly handy things to have around the shop" Read more...

Save huge amounts of time

A penetrating tip requiring no pre-drilling, self countersinking and all easily accessible in a secure case.

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Get building with a bucketful of bass

A robust DAB radio built to withstand the rigours of use on site. Make good use of your spare DeWALT batteries or plug it into the mains.

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Axminster Abrasive Strip Kit

Abrasive Strips

Convenient strips in different grits; great for all small general sanding jobs. Read more...

Bosch 7 Piece Multi-Construction Drill Bit Set

Bosch Bit Set

Superior bits that will drill through almost anything.

JSP Mask & Google

JSP Mask / Goggle

An award winning solution to protect both your eyes and lungs. Read more...

fischer Express Cement

Express Cement

No mixing, no mess; just quick to act on unsightly cracks and holes. Read more...

Axminster 100mm Pocket Vernier Caliper

Do away with difficult measurements

Internal and external measurements, depth or distance from an edge, all accurately calculated straight from your pocket.

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No more sticking doors or drawers

When you're just millimetres over, make those subtle adjustments you missed first time.

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Axminster Workbench

Axminster Workbench

Perhaps the ultimate workshop accessory; you won't get much done without a solid workbench for support. Read more...

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue

This excels by combining the strength and water resistance of Polyurethane glue with the ease of application, sandability and water clean-up of a PVA glue. Read more...

Mirka Abranet Abrasive Sheets

Mirka Abranet Abrasive

An essential accessory for your lungs. Material is extracted through the sheet for dust free sanding, when used with your extractor. Read more...

JSP Vertical Fold Flat Valved Respirators

JSP Fold Flat Respirators

An absolutely essential accessory for your health. Under £1 each (when you buy a pack of 10), backed by JSP's reputation for safety. Why wouldn't you always have a spare? Read more...

Wiha Flip-Top Screwdriver

One of the best, user-friendly screwdrivers we have come across. Endorsed by a reddot design award. Read more...

Sili-Brush Non-Stick Glue Kit

Sili-Brush Non-Stick Glue Kit

Applies glue exactly where you need it. Reusable brushes, no mess or waste as glue can be transferred back to the bottle. A must for any glue up. Read more...

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