9 unassuming heroes of the DIY world that you cannot live without!

Whether they make life a little easier, get you out of a tight spot, or are just downright handy, these 9 fixtures and fittings will always save the day!

WoodSpur Stainless Steel Screws

1. WoodSpur Stainless

Steel Wood Screws

Is your shed, planter, pergola, or any of your outdoor furniture looking untidy from rust marks? Use WoodSpur A4 Stainless steel screws for a rust proof, strong and reliable fix.


2. Titebond III
Ultimate Wood Glue

Want to use a waterproof glue on your outdoor planter and beyond, but really want to avoid the mess? Titebond III works the same if not better than Polyurethane glue! It’s waterproof, creates a stronger bond and is extremely safe to use with easy clean up!

T-REX Duct Tape

3. T-REX Duct Tape

We all know that duct tape can get you out of any bind! T-REX duct tape goes that bit further, with twice the bite and 4x the staying power of normal duct tape, as well as being UV protected and withstanding a range of temperatures.

Axminster Castor Wheels

4. Axminster Castors
& Wheels

Wouldn’t it make life easier if your workshop could be mobile? Attach castors to your benches and machines for the ultimate space saving solution!


5. MetalSpur Bolts,
& Washers Pack

Never quite seem to have the right sized nut and bolt when you need them the most? MetalSpur Trial pack is a long lasting fix for all sorts of assembly jobs.

fischer Express Cement

6. fischer Express Cement

Make fixing cracked render or chipped masonry easy with ready-to-use mortar from fischer fixings. No mixing, no mess!


7. Sili-Brush Non-Stick Glue Kit

Not quite a fixing but Sili-Brush kits really are handy when it comes to gluing. They spread glue evenly, are easy to clean up and can be used over and over again.

Titebond Instant Glue

8. Titebond Instant Glues

Instant Glue! When isn’t there a use for superglue?

Zap Z-7 Debonder

9. Zap Z-7 Debonder

See No 8 - super gluing doesn’t always go to plan! Use Zap Z-7 Debonder to soften cured super glue, even on fingers!

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