Pocket Hole Joinery & Dowelling

Pocket hole joinery provides an effective way of making strong hidden joints that are fast and easy to produce. They're made by using a special UJK Technology jig, drill and self-tapping screws.
Pocket Hole Jigs Pocket Hole Jigs

UJK Technology Pocket Hole Jigs for swift and easy cabinet construction

Pocket Hole Joinery Accessories Pocket Hole Joinery Accessories

A range of products to suit the UJK Technology Pocket Hole Jigs

Dowel Jigs & Accessories Dowel Jigs & Accessories

Make easy dowel joints with our range of jigs and accessories

Dowel Cutters Dowel Cutters

Make your own dowels from specific species of timber

Dowel Dowel

Sometimes underrated, dowelling is one of the most useful ways of jointing wood

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