Auger Bits Guide

Sink to new depths...

by elevating the quality of your drilling

When you need to drill deep holes in thicker wood, auger bits offer many advantages over conventional bits.
Here’s a quick guide to the qualities to look for and how best to use them.

Auger Bits

What to look for

FISH Quick Change Auger Bits

Guide screw

The guide screw at the end means the bit can quickly bite into the wood to start cutting. The tip also keeps the bit centred, helping you to drill straight as well as pulling the bit into the wood for a faster cut. As a result auger bits are generally easier to work as you don’t have to apply much pressure to force them through the wood.

FISH Quick Change Auger Bits


The geometry in the shaft allows waste material to be cleared quickly. These spiral grooves in the bit, known as the flighting, prevent it becoming clogged which is why auger bits are so adept at deep drilling.

These FISCH bits have been specifically forged to provide fast waste clearance which also results in less drain on the battery so you can work for longer.

Auger Bits vs. Spade Bits

A smoother finish

Auger bits (A) produce a much cleaner finish compared with spade bits (B) which tend to punch through at a quicker speed resulting in more tear out on the other side. The hole from an auger bit will be far smoother so opt for these when the finish is important and there’s clear visibility of the hole.

Axminster Auger Bits

Take it slow

The angle of the cutting edge and the way auger bits easily rotate means they work best when you reduce the speed of the drill.

FISCH Elite Auger Bits

Specialist Auger Bits

If you need to drill through wet wood, often come into contact with salt water or work in humid conditions, there are specialist bits that can make the job easier. The chrome plating on these Elite FISCH auger bits gives them a higher resistance to corrosion as well as reducing friction while drilling. As a result you’re able to drill more holes in a shorter time compared with standard auger bits.

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