UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy

The UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy

Four great uses, one small price!

Do you need an easy, quick and accurate way of aligning your blade, fence or table? Perhaps you’re looking for a quick way of marking bowl blanks, or maybe you want precise, wafer thin veneers for that furniture project.

Designed and manufactured here at Axminster HQ, the Bandsaw Buddy is the must have accessory for every bandsaw owner out there.

So, what can you do with a buddy?

Marking Guide

Marking Gauge

An easy to use circle marking gauge for bowl blanks from 75mm to 400mm radius in increments of 25mm.

Accurate Marking

Accurate Marking

The bandsaw buddy can be used as a straight edge for accurate marking.

Perfect Alignment

Perfect Alignment

Rare earth magnets securely hold the rule to the blade. This enables you to align your rip fence and table perfectly parallel with the blade.

Thickness Gauge

Thickness Gauge

A convenient and accurate metric thickness gauge, great for veneering.

Keep your buddy on hand

Once you’ve used your Bandsaw Buddy the integrated magnets allow simple storage on your bandsaw, keeping it close to hand and ready for action.

For complete accuracy when aligning, use your Bandsaw Buddy on a new blade. Why? An old blade may have been twisted or kinked during use, knocking out the accuracy.

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