Craft Essentials

Our top six must-have hobby accessories!

These accessories are for the up and coming hobbyist, soon becoming essential in your hobby box. They make tricky, time-consuming tasks effortless, thus allowing you more time to let your creativity flow...

LED Lightbox

A4 LED Lightbox with dimmer feature

Used for tracing, transferring and proofing. Images can be selected from books or pictures and light and shade can be easily traced through. Perfect for pyrography, carving or painting.

Soft Grip Knife Set & Cutting Mat

Soft Grip Knife #1 Set & A6 Cutting Mat

Handy to have for all arts and crafts, a boxed set of the most useful #1 cutting knives and an A6 cutting mat with printed grid lines and angles. The blade handle includes a magnetic tip, for picking up blades safely from the box.

Magnifier Lamp

Rectangular Long Reach Magnifier Lamp

A magnifying daylight lamp has a wide lens, perfect for when you need to work up close for intricate tasks. Also features a shadow free light, illuminating your project without the interference of shadows!

Aluminium Box 53mm with 12 storage tins

Storage tins in aluminium Bbox

Really useful little storage tins for all sorts of crafty bits and pieces. Glass tops make it easy to spot the contents.

Precision Vice

Proxxon Vice with Clamp

A precision vice is perfect for securing smaller parts carefully, rotating in all directions enabling you to get into more difficult areas with ease.

G Clamps

Axminster G Clamp

Small in size but big in clamping pressure, these clamps are perfect for delicate items while model making.

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