It’s being called a game changer...

Cordless tools have been getting more and more powerful and the introduction of brushless motors has also helped to improve runtime. But there’s always been a trade off and cordless versions have never quite managed the power of their corded counterparts. DeWALT are about to change all of this with the introduction of the DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT.

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What's special about DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT?

54V Battery

It’s a 54V battery

Not 3 separate 18V batteries making up 54V, but a single battery equal to 54V

Backwards compatible

Backwards compatible

Not only is it 54V it’s also backwards compatible with existing 18V XR tools and chargers

New tools

New range of tools

A completely new range of powerful, heavy duty woodworking and construction tools will be powered by XR FLEXVOLT

6Ah capacity

6Ah capacity

Market leading runtimes when used with 18V XR tools thanks to the 6Ah capacity


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What you need to do

World First

A clever aspect to the batteries is that you can switch from 54V power to 18V. The new 54V battery will not only power the new range of XR FLEXVOLT tools it can also be used with existing DeWALT 18V XR tools. This is the world’s first battery pack that will automatically change voltage when you change tools.

When used with the new range of 54V XR brushless FLEXVOLT tools the battery automatically switches the 15 x 3.6V cells into 54V power. This is then enough capacity to power a machine as big as a sliding mitre saw.

But is it really that good? What are people who’ve tried it saying?

DeWALT let some end users test the new technology to see what they thought and this is what they said:

Just like running off the mains, absolutely no difference at all
A table saw with a battery? What? And only one battery?
More power than most corded tools I’ve used
Game changer

The power of corded, the freedom of cordless

So what would it mean to you to be able to use heavy duty power tools without the constrictions of a cord? If you’re a roofer or carpenter you’ll spot the opportunities almost instantly. The new system also looks great for all those applications, especially on site, when you need the flexibility to operate without a cord and the same levels of performance of a corded tool.

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