World Work Health & Safety Day

World Work Health and Safety Day

5 Top Tips

Five ways to carry on enjoying your woodworking for longer

The Health and Safety Executive publish some interesting statistics on health and safety in the UK which are enough to make you sit up and take note. Make sure you get to enjoy your projects long into the future with this guide to staying safe in the workshop.

Listen Up

Listen up!

Some of the loudest working environments in all industries are connected to woodworking. When choosing ear protection there needs to be a balance of reducing the overall noise but still being able to hear if someone needs to give you a warning.

An estimated 20,000 people working during the last year suffered from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (new as well as longstanding cases) caused or made worse by work. Health and Safety Executive 2015/16
Ear Defenders
Eye Protection

Eye know how to keep you safe

There can be all sorts of materials flying across the workshop. Looking at eyewear consider whether you need goggles if working with materials at high speeds, spectacles at other times or whether a sunglare filter is useful if you’re working outside.

uvex Goggles

Live and breathe RPE

Creating sawdust is the fun part, breathing it in is less so. When selecting a dust mask, think about the materials you’re working with to ensure the mask has the correct filters to protect you. A correct fit is also essential.

Carpenters and joiners are four times more likely to suffer from Asthma compared to other UK workers. Health and Safety Executive
Axminster Evolution Powered Respirator
Hand Protection

Help is at hand

Hand injuries are common at work, especially woodworking when you constantly come into contact with sharp objects. Gloves come with varying degrees of abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture resistance, so reading up on what the symbols mean can help ensure you keep a safe pair of hands.

uverx Gloves
Safety matting

Keep your feet on the ground

When you’re on your feet all day a little support can make all the difference. Look at anti-fatigue matting or if there’s the potential for oil and other hazards then safety matting is like having your own safety net.

Falls and slips & trips, combined, account for over a third (35%) of injuries at work. Health and Safety Executive 2013/14
Safety matting

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