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40 million people put their trust in JSP

JSP is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn above the neck. So safe is the range from JSP that approximately 40 million people around the world use their equipment on a daily basis at home and in the workplace.


Choosing the right protection

For many people, PPE is often an afterthought but we want to stress how important it is to be using the right level of protection for the conditions you're working in. To add some perspective, the UK's independent regulator of health and safety at work, HSE, emphasises that carpenters and joiners are four times more likely to suffer from asthma compared to other UK workers.

Personal Protective Equipment

It's true that prevention is better than cure

When you're considering your lungs and health there shouldn't be any substitutions for a good quality mask. We've introduced a range of masks from JSP as they offer optimum filtration efficiency at a price that gives you no excuse for not using the right level of protection.

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What makes them different to regular dust masks?

The JSP range offers combo masks plus moulded and fold flat valved respirators.

Combo Masks

Innovative Combo Masks

These have an innovative design that covers both eye and respiratory protection. The lenses are anti-scratch and anti-mist as standard; no more wasted time having to remove glasses and wipe them down. In terms of safeguarding your lungs, these exceed the filtration standards set for EN classification, so you know you're getting the best protection possible. The filter masks are disposable and replaceable, making this combination an economic PPE solution.

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Valved Respirators

Valved Respirators

Non-valved masks can make you feel tired more quickly over time as you're breathing the same air within the mask. The unique OverFlow Valve system uses technology that controls the airflow when exhaling, allowing you to breath more easily. It reduces the buildup of CO² which can lead to fatigue over extended periods. These respirators continue to perform effectively even at very low temperatures and are ideal for use with power tools, drilling masonry, angle grinding or power sanding hardwoods and MDF.

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