Joining wood - The Lamello P-System

Form-locking, tool-free installation of fittings

The Advantages

Form Locking

Strong and

Form-locking anchorage across large surface areas ensures optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials.

Fast Installation

Fast fitting

Insertion instead of screwing or glueing means no waiting for adhesive to dry.

Tool-free installation

Tool-free fitting installation

The connecting fittings are inserted manually into the profile groove without the need for tools.

Wear-free disassembly


The connecting fittings can be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear.

Lateral tolerance

Lateral tolerance in the profile groove

The ridges on the sides of the fittings ensure that they stay in the groove, even when transporting parts with pre-fitted P-System fittings.

Lateral ridges

Lateral ridges

Form-locking anchorage across large surface areas ensures optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials.

Versatile angle joints

Versatile angle joints

P-System fittings can be used for virtually any angle. The groove is always positioned at a 90 degree angle to the joint.

Minimal cutting depth

Minimal cutting depth

Minimal material thickness of 12mm thanks to anchorage with large surface in shallow cutting depth – ideal for panel connections.

The Lamello Zeta

Take a closer look at the Lamello Zeta

Lamello Zeta

Vertical Mechanical Drive (VMD) moves the cutter up and down to create the special 'T' slot for unique fittings


Short setup time when working at varying angles


Clamex 7mm blade, assorted fittings, drill bit, drill stop collar, drill guide, suction adaptor


Base plate for efficient positioning of the machine on the work piece edge


Rotating depth adjuster for different P-System depths
Depth 14 for Clamex P-14
Depth 10 for Clamex P Medius
Depth off for groove millings without the profile groove

The Process

Connecting fittings

Install connecting fittings with a power tool

Installation of connecting fittings at all angles using a power tool, be it on the move, in the workshop or at the construction site.

Short installation

Very short installation

Corner joint with two Clamex P connectors in less than 2 minutes!

Minimal setup

Minimal setup time

Regardless of the angle, the Zeta P2 is rapidly configured and ready for use.

Familiar application

Familiar application

Fast, simple and precise working in the familiar manner using Lamello biscuit joiners without positioning aids with application against the work piece edge.

Identical processing

Same process
on both sides

Time savings and minimised error risk due to identical processing of both work pieces without changing the cutting depth.

Automatic cutter movement

Automatic P-System
cutter movement

Automatic, fast cutting movement when maximum depth is reached – powered by secure, reliable, mechanical, low-wear technology.

Rotating depth adjuster

Rotating depth

Fast changing of connector size by turning the depth adjuster, without the need to switch tools.

Turn off groove

Turn off the profile
groove function

Use as standard biscuit joiner for 19 additional applications with a 4mm blade.

The Connectors

Clamex P

Clamex P

Detachable connecting fitting

Fast installation

Inserting instead of screwing or glueing


Open the connection time and time again with the rotating lever


The small, hardly visible opening (Ø = 6mm) serves to close and open the connector

High clamping force

Clamp and glue work pieces at any angle, ~ 80kg


Work pieces with pre-installed P-System fittings are stackable for storage and transport


The shallow element depth allows for mitres from 22.5 – 180°, surface, corner and dividing panel connections

Tenso P

Tenso P

with preload function. Self-clamping

fitting as glueing aid, for all angles

Fast installation

Inserting instead of screwing or glueing


Fixed joints of two workpieces


No visible fitting

High clamping force

Allows for perfect alignment and clamps the workpieces ~ 15kg


Simple glueing of mitre joints

Lower assembly force

Only a short power impulse necessary to join, regardless of the number of connectors

Divario P

Divario P

Self-clamping, invisible
fitting for slide insertion

Fast installation

Inserting instead of screwing or glueing

Sliding Insertion

Insertion between two fixed sides or shelves via a guiding groove


Guiding groove covers the fittings

Quick setup

Quick installation of the fittings without glue after transport

Assemble by sliding

Partially routed guiding groove for completely invisible furniture joints

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