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10 router cutters for better woodworking

Ensure you get the most from the
most versatile tool in your collection

Routers offer so much versatility and a key factor for this is the wide selection of cutters available. But with so many to choose from where do you start? Here’s a selection of nine ¼" cutters and one set that are a great option to expand your woodworking.

Roundover/Ovolo Cutter

1) Dovetail Cutter

Dovetail Cutters

Noted for their high tensile strength and alluring aesthetics, dovetail joints are also one of the earliest forms of joinery. Examples were discovered on furniture found within the tombs of the kings of ancient Egypt. So if it’s good enough for a king, it’s good to be able to make these joints and routing makes it considerably easier than cutting by hand.

Axcaliber Dovetail Cutter

5 Star Product

2) Keyhole Cutter

Keyhole Cutters

If you need to hang anything on the wall then the keyhole cutter is a simple and secure way to attach objects flush to a wall. The larger sideways head makes a plunge cut and the blade below the head allows you to make a sideways cut to form the keyhole slot. Remember before making the cut, find the centre of the piece you’re about to hang. This will ensure it’s well balanced, so that the object hangs straight after the cut has been made.

Axcaliber Keyhole Cutter

5 Star Product

3) Roundover/Ovolo Cutter

Ovolo/Roundover Cutters

The roundover cutter is used in many furniture applications to soften and smooth the look of a sharp edge. Use it for smoothing table tops, chair arms, decorative mouldings or skirting boards. These bits are supplied with two bearings to switch between ovolo and roundover use.

When routing the end of a plank the end grain is prone to splintering so a tip to prevent this is to rout the end first which will compact the fibres and then continue along the length of the board.

Axcaliber Ovolo/Roundover Cutter

4) Chamfer Cutter

Chamfer Cutter

On exposed edges the chamfer cutter creates a great looking symmetrical sloping edge which helps to change the look of chair seats, picture frames, shelves and countertops.

Axcaliber 45 Degree Chamfer

5) Panel Mould Cutter

Panel Mould Beading Cutter

Add some life into plain cabinet doors or drawers with a decorative relief on the surface. As the cutting edge extends to the tip you can make plunge cuts directly into the surface without necessarily having to start from the edge.

Axcaliber Panel Mould Beading Cutter

5 Star Product

6) Milling Cutter and 7) Round Nose Cutter

House sign

Nothing makes a house a home more than your own personalised touches. Imagine walking up to your home each day to see your own bespoke house sign. These cutters are great for making your own signs and if you need some tips follow our guide on How To Make a House Sign. You could customise your sign further by using a panel mould cutter for added decoration.

8) Single Flute Straight Cutter and 9) Twin Flute Straight Cutter

Straight flute cutters are some of the most common cutters and arguably the ones that will get the most use. They’re so popular due to the simple design that can be used for a variety of tasks in the workshop. Producing grooves with a flat base, template work, joint making or any material that has been roughly cut to size, a straight cutter will neatly trim the edge. Single flutes are best used for jobs in softer material where a smaller size is needed such as routing inlays. Opt for a twin flute for harder material and for creating rabbets and dadoes.

10) Router Bit Set

Axcaliber Long Series 1/4” 12 Piece Router Bit Set

If you’re ready to embrace routing, router bit sets are an easy way to get a collection of bits at a great price. This set of 12 bits contains a selection of the bits mention here plus a few more so that as your skills and expertise grow there are new cutters to try.

Axcaliber Long Series 12 Piece Router Bit Set

4 Star Product

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