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Introducing the all-new Axminster Craft woodworking machines - a range specifically developed to meet the demands of dedicated creators who spend hours honing their craft. Making anything yourself is now much more than a hobby for many people. The Craft collection includes new machines with performance and features that exceed entry-level machines, giving you the ability to craft your project, your way.

As well as some of our existing Hobby machines transitioning into Craft, the range will also be expanding with many new machines arriving over the next coming months. Here's an insight into some of the new machines and their features we are most excited about.

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Quality, down to the last detail

All three new Craft bandsaws have built-in features designed to give you more control, accuracy and capacity. Available in February 2019.

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Axminster Craft AC2305B Bandsaw

Available in February 2019

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Axminster Craft AC2606B Bandsaw

Available in February 2019

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Axminster Craft AC1950B Bandsaw

Available in February 2019


No need to turn down a project!

Designed to give you more capacity and power, this lathe is perfect for those woodturners looking to upgrade from a small lathe, or as a first lathe for the more ambitious! Available this December.

Axminster Craft AC355WL Lathe

Available in December

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