Axminster Engineer Series machines are not only a stylish addition to your workshop, but they also encompass outstanding features which should make them the first choice for you.

Reliability, availability and serviceability are all what you can be certain of with the Axminster Engineer Series; with over 40 years experience of selling engineer equipment, Axminster continue to design and develop machines throughout this range with unsurpassed attention to detail, guaranteed precision and quality manufacturing that’s built to last.

3 Year Guarantee

3 Year Guarantee

Buy with confidence from Axminster. It’s probably the most comprehensive free guarantee ever.

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Axminster Finance

Axminster Finance

We offer you a flexible and affordable option to pay for your tools and machinery on orders over £500.

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Top Rated Products

Good things come in small packages

Sieg 'S' Series motors are high torque, brushless DC models with many advantages over the carbon brushed alternatives.

High EfficiencyHigh Efficiency

Brushless DC motors are up to 80% efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Endless TorqueEndless Torque

Even under substantial load there's no drop in torque, regardless of your rpm.

Silent RunningSilent Running

An AC/DC converter connection means near silent running at all times.

Supreme ControlSupreme Control

Motor speed is regulated from a digital control panel, giving you ultimate control.

Engineer Series Machines

Axminster Engineer Series Machines

Machined to exact tolerances and using only the finest materials, Engineer Series machinery is extremely accurate, giving you a precision finish, every time!


Most Engineer Series machines are supplied with high torque induction motors. This gives you ample power and no drop in torque under load even at the lowest RPM.


All Engineer Series machinery is heavily built and made predominantly of cast iron. Meaning these machines will stand up to hard work, day in, day out!

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