Axminster Hobby Series HBS250N Bandsaw
Axminster Hobby Series HBS250N Bandsaw
£299.00 (£249.17 Ex. VAT)

Axminster Hobby Series HBS250N Bandsaw

Code: 508204

  • Compact, hobby rated machine of steel and cast iron construction
  • Rigid body construction allows high blade tension for increased accuracy
  • Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, gives better blade control
  • Large, rigid, quick locking rip fence, doors fitted with safety switches
  • Useful depth of cut - 120mm with 245mm width of cut
  • Supplied with cabinet stand and mitre fence with T-slot for accuracy
  • Also comes with 1,790mm x 3/8" x 6tpi, UK made Axcaliber blade
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£299.00 (£249.17 Ex. VAT)

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In Detail

Hobby Classification & 3 Year Guarantee

The Axminster Hobby HBS250N bandsaw is a smaller floor standing model with a storage cabinet, rip fence and alloy mitre fence. The extruded aluminium rip fence is cam locked and supported at the rear by a ball bearing with rails allowing the full cutting width up to the frame. The machine is fabricated from sheet steel with a very rigid tapered back column, as well as a cast iron table and balanced cast alloy wheels; these features are usually only found on much bigger machines. The stiffness of the steel fabrication allows the blade tension to be much higher than most bandsaws of this size helping to reduce the blade vibration and increase accuracy. The blade is well supported with ball bearing guides both above and below the table. Unusually in a bandsaw of this size, the back edge of the blade runs on the face of the rear thrust bearings rather than the side. Both doors are fitted with safety micro switches meaning that the motor will cut out should a door be opened while the machine is in use. As an entry level bandsaw, the HBS 250N is difficult to fault; compact in size yet with surprising capabilities . The bandsaw is supplied with mitre fence, storage cabinet stand and a UK made Axcaliber blade, 1,790mm x 3/8" x 6tpi.



Bandsaw Blade Length 1,790 mm (70.1/2")
Bandsaw Wheel Diameter 250 mm
Blade Speed 660 & 960 m/min
Blade Width Min\Max 6 mm to 13 mm
Dust Extraction Outlet 63 mm
Max Cutting Height 120 mm
Max Width of Cut 245 mm
Max Width of Cut with Fence 220 mm
Min Extraction Airflow Required 390 m³/hr
Model HBS250N
Nett Weight 43.5 kg
Overall L x W x H 420 mm x 410 mm x 1,500 mm
Power 370 W
Rating Hobby
Table Height on Stand 990 mm
Table Size 340 mm x 340 mm
Table Tilt 5° - 0° - 45°
Voltage 230 V
Reviews (17)

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 4.2 out of 5 based on 17 reviews

Newest Customer Reviews



1 May 2018

good – excellent support – just buy one

Since a bandsaw isn’t a straightforward purchase I think it warrants a longer review than simply “good – excellent support – just buy one”.

I have previously had in-store demonstrations cutting a 1” thick pieces of oak as well as 3’ square beech/ash blanks. I looked at buying this machine but also considered the immediate smaller/bigger versions. With the HBS250N, I have been cutting oak which was ripped to 80mm and 120mm thick stock (which it cuts easily) and also thin veneers of about 1mm thickness from a 1” board (just because it can).

Other reviewers have commented that the bandsaw can cope very well with anything that is ripped, crosscut or re-sawn. My initial thought was to consider the HBS310N because it has a bigger cut of 180mm and logic says it’s best to limit the thickness to about 2/3 of the stated capacity for an easy life, but now I’m not convinced the bigger on is necessary and it’s no longer available.

It’s excellent for the intended use – cutting hardwood (oak, elm, ash, beech and yew) woodturning blanks. Most blanks, I will be cutting are from 2” to 3” nominal thickness boards with occasionally 4” – 5”-ish thickness.

My impression is that it’s a well thought out product with several unique features that set it apart. The cast iron bed and the use of an Axminster UK supplied blade ensure that the cutting action is (like a pair of sharp scissors) is as good as it gets. Coupled with the motor and fence these ensure really good results.

It’s also very capable at cutting right at the limit e.g. 120mm where the maximum size exceeds the spec (slightly) and is in reality about 125mm and so for occasional use at the limit it seems more than adequate. 2/3 rating is for wimps!

Other reviewers have commented that the motor isn’t underpowered and 370W is probably anyway a conservative estimate. What matters is that it copes admirably and so negates the need to go bigger for the intended use.

The description states that it’s a UK supplied Axminster blade, however I have my suspicions that it’s in reality an imported “band” that’s in reality good for “transporting” the machine, with everything ready to be setup. It’s 9.5mm 6 TPS so neither the best for tight radius curvess or long deep rips – so just ignore it and that’s the advice you get in the store too.

The UK Axminster blades are different – the quality of them is very much higher, they are thinner, more flexible and the weld is much narrower than the supplied blade – just a joy to use. I have not used the supplied blade and the UK Axminster one sits much better on the crown of the upper wheel, supports better adjustment and just runs without any noticeable mechanical imperfections.

The 1790mm blade is available in 14 different types (and like a table saw) there is always a preferred band saw blade for the task, which will of course outperform anything that could be supplied as a “starter blade” as one size doesn’t fit all. It’s like buying a drill, never changing the drill bit, but thinking that it’s good for everything?

The choice of blade is “limited” to 6.3mm through 12.7mm – so a wider range than the smaller machine, but not as big a choice as the larger ones. There are however different options including an interesting 8mm back teeth 4 TPS saw blade through to a 12.7mm 14 TPI blade as well as 6-10 TPI blades.

So something ideal for anything. For a woodturner the Axminster store recommended a 4TPI blade as that provides the best ripping for bowl blanks. For re-sawing I would also consider the widest blade and I’m interested to try the back blade – just because it’s there.

Axminster also offer a video on the website for how to correctly setup a bandsaw – it repeats much of the information from the manual, but it’s easier to follow. There is also an article on ho to use a bandsaw buddy to correctly align the blade to be exactly parallel with the fence. They are very good – so buy one too.

Ideally they would rewrite the manuals using the target machines but incorporating the instructions from the video. A bandsaw is not difficult to setup correctly however the instructions do have to be followed to get the best results.

The unit is new, so I cannot comment upon its long term reliability, however I don’t expect it to be any different from any other Axminster Hobby range product e.g. with the excellent After Sales Service with an exceptionally generous three year warranty and the availability of spares and consumables too.

The belt connecting the lower wheel with the motor is quite soft but seems to be well suited to transferring power. With good setup there is absolutely no vibration and the motor is exceptionally quiet too. There is no problem with the power rating and it does everything with aplomb too.

The supplied fence is very rigid too – it can be shimmed with an additional washer at the back to ensure that it’s fully supported with the roller bearing on the back rail – otherwise it relies (too much) on the front of the fence for support. Adjustment of the fence requires an Allen key that’s not supplied. A call to Axminster Service can solve the shimming/adjustment issues.

The cabinet is very rigid. It doesn’t come with the best of assembly instructions which are somewhere between Mecanno and IKEA standards. In particular it’s not obvious that the doorframe must be assembled with the hinge on the left and frame on the RHS. Nor is it mentioned that the 61st washer is placed between the door and the frame at the bottom of the hinge to give clearance as the door is opened.

The door is opened with a 20p coin (not supplied) so is a little bit fiddly. The other washers are used two sandwich two bits of metal with a nut and bolt. The assembly is very easy although it needs a ratchet to complement the supplied spanner when tightening the bolts. I suspect most users will want to setup the bandsaw first on a workbench and only later mount it on the supplied cabinet.

The mitre supplied is better than nothing however it could be improved because it’s very loose and doesn’t offer a fixing for extending. I found it good to pull/push it away from the blade when crosscutting but best to align it so that it’s twisted during a cut by still square – then it works perfectly.
The HBS200N optional mitre is perhaps a better option – it has a proper T bar and a better scale that I can read. Perhaps a future revision to the model will choose this version, over the supplied one, which seems ill suited to the machine?

I would buy the unit again, especially as the bigger HBS310N has now been discontinued. For my intended use I don’t think the bigger unit would be beneficial and the smaller unit, although good for its size, is perhaps too small to cover all my woodturning bowl blanks – so for me this is an ideal size. The cabinet is really a bonus, so one can overlook the limited assembly instructions.

Mark Chapnell

27 May 2017

Great Value - Those who say it stall don't know what they're doing

First of all let me say this, for those of you reading the reviews that say this saw stalls when cutting the smallest piece of soft wood, ignore them completely. Those reviews are clearly written by people who don't read instructions and haven't bothered to tune up the saw before using it. Even the finest Lie Nielsen plane requires some work out of the box to get it working properly.

This is my first ever bandsaw and yet from following the instructions and from a small amount of research (I highly recommend Woodwork Web on Youtube, he has a bandsaw setup video that is very informative to newbies.) I managed to get mine purring like a kitten and happily ripping, cross cutting, scrolling and resawing. Don't get me wrong, you won't be pushing 4 inches of hard maple through it in a matter of seconds and if regular milling is something you want to do, this saw is not for you. For general hobby or small craft business use I would say it is excellent.

Now on to the negative points. I have to concur with those who have said the mitre guide is useless. It is not even close to fitting snugly in the mitre slots, why they bother to put it in the box is completely beyond me. It is unusable and I would most likely be less annoyed if it simply didn't come with a mitre guide at all knowing I would simply need to buy or make one. This is about the only negative I have found so far, I suppose the motor could be a little more powerful and the saw could be a little quieter running but these are just niggles really rather than complaints.

To sum up, if you are a HOBBY user or at most a small crafts business such as a turner who needs to round a few bowl blanks then this saw is excellent value for money. If you are looking to resaw wood on a regular basis or do scrolling work in thick slabs, then you need something much larger with a more powerful motor. No doubt Axminster's larger saws would be excellent for you.

Were it a little quieter, and they either did away with or better yet improved the completely useless mitre guide it would have gotten 5 stars.

Bob Johnson

19 April 2017

A really nice saw

I've owned a AWSBS2 band saw (the model number for this saw before they created the hobby range) for many years. I'm a professional guitar maker and bought this saw to save space in my workshop. It's just about the smallest saw that will do what I need doing. It regularly saws 100mm thick maple, mahogany ebony and many other hardwoods and will cut out a 50mm thick guitar body in minutes. I can't understand many of the criticisms of this saw because I've never had any of the problems mentioned. Setting up a bandsaw and using it properly are skills that are only acquired with proper training and can't expect to just buy it today and use it to perfection tomorrow. I've had many years, probably thousands of hours of stirling service out of mine and would recommend it to anybody. Bob Johnson, Legra Guitars.


12 December 2016

Brilliant Machine

1. great saw, its good for a beginner and amateurs.
2. I have seen no bad design , however the ability to put wheel on instead of feet is something to look into when a new model comes out.
3. I read the reviews about the saw stalling however after cutting many long rip cuts of oak I cant fault the machine, the stalling was down to user error, the stalling is to do with how fast you push the wood into the blade the saws doing the work not you and will take time to cut larger bits of hardwood
4. Accuracy for a saw in this price range i have seen a £2,000 machine cut worst than this; setup is key for a Bandsaw and should not be overlooked, these machines are not plug and play machine.
5. setting up the saw , looking at the manual it does go in to detail about set up and also what different knobs and screws do on the saw, all you need to do is sit with a warm beverage and read it before you do anything with the saw. I say this as these machines will not take any prisoners when it comes down to fingers. please read the instruction as every saw is different.
Still a good saw , most of the problems people face is due to the incorrect use of the saw and user error, nothing else(unless there is a fault with the machine)

Guy Clarkson

1 October 2016

Excellent bit of Kit

I've just purchased one of these bandsaws second had from a friend- its a fantastic machine but it suffers the same problem as others have experienced in that an upgraded drive belt is required, i am having trouble locating the upgraded record drive belt that another reviewer has mentioned - can anyone provide a part number

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