Axminster Rider No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
Axminster Rider No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
£117.22 - £132.22 (£97.68 - £110.18 Ex. VAT)

Axminster Rider No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

  • Blade bedded at 12° with bevel-up, superior finish on end grain
  • Ideal plane to use on a shooting board
  • 5mm thick high carbon steel blade eliminates chatter
  • Adjustable mouth for control in either light or heavy cuts
  • Ductile cast iron alloy body, brass lever cap, smooth wooden handles
  • Supplied with a spare blade and a plane sock
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£117.22 - £132.22 (£97.68 - £110.18 Ex. VAT)

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In Detail

The No. 62 is a low angle jack plane. First produced in the dim and distant past by Stanley, it was originally intended for use on end grain and stock removal. The Stanley version had its faults though, namely the thin casting. Modern casting methods and design means the Axminster Rider No. 62 will bring you only positive results. The bed angle (12°), bevel-up blade, depth adjustment and adjustable mouth are all features reminiscent of superior block planes. The No. 62 performs exceptionally well when used on a shooting board. The 12° bed combined with a bevel angle of 25° gives you an effective cutting angle of 37°. The chunky blade is 5mm thick and able to slice through timber with ease without fear of chatter. The micro depth adjuster combined with an adjustable mouth gives you complete control to produce the thinnest of shavings and leave the silkiest of surfaces. One of the key features the No. 62 has over other bench planes is the easily adjustable mouth, meaning timber tear can be kept to a minimum. Grinding steeper bevels on the blade gives you the option of using the No. 62 for working difficult grain where tear-out could be a problem.

This Rider version has many excellent features. The main casting is a ductile iron alloy, chosen for its high strength and its impact and high corrosion resistant properties. The cap iron and other quality fittings on the planes are solid brass, an ideal material for moving parts. The sole is 350mm (14") long with a 50mm (2") wide, 5mm thick blade. The sole of the plane is flat and accurate. Weight 2.24kg (4lbs 15oz).

Rider planes only require the bare minimum of preparation. The blade comes honed with a secondary bevel ready to take shavings. Each blade is oil quenched, high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63. Every plane undergoes careful inspection in Axminster to ensure consistent quality. The No. 62 comes with a spare blade, plane sock and instruction booklet. We are confident that Axminster Rider planes represent a good standard of traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value.

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Model 62
Nett Weight 2.24 kg (4lb 15oz)
Plane Blade Width 50 mm (2")
Plane Sole Length 350 mm (14")
Sole Length 350 mm
Reviews (9)

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews

Newest Customer Reviews



10 February 2018

Well Presented Good Quality Plane

I have just received the plane and have not seriously used it yet but decided to add my initial impressions and follow up later with more detail, since I found the reviews by others of much help and wanted to contribute.
Firstly the packaging and presentation creates an impression of quality and the included spare blade and sock prompted me to purchase this rather than a similar but less expensive one without the useful inclusions.
The quality of the plane body is high and it is comfortable in the hand. The blade and throat are easy to adjust.
However it was not ready to use our of the box as expected. It needed a good clean to remove the rust protection, which of course is expected. But the main issue was the experience with the blades similar to a previous review; the blade fitted in the plane being poorly honed to the extent that the back was not flattened but was showing what seemed to be a back bevel, and the edge was serrated with milling marks that were not removed. The spare blade was also not prepared much and so blunt a finger could be run along the edge. So it really seems the luck of the draw with blades.
It took significant time to hone both blades to achieve acceptable edges, rather than the quick touch up expected. I honed one at 25 Deg and the other at 40Deg no micro bevel at this stage. Initial test show fine shavings from both of about 2 thou or less.
I am pleased with the initial handling and performance and look forward to contributing more comments as experience is gained.


1 January 2018

62low angle jack

This is the 2nd review I have done on this plane. I have owned it for a year now & in this last 12 months its done a hell of a lot of work (just a superb plane to use) easy to set up and as good as any bevel up costing much more, you cant go wrong with one of these.


2 December 2017

Simply excellent

This plane is simply excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. Once again I take issue with the suggestion it’s good to go straight out the box but within 40 minutes it was taking lovely shavings from pine and maple. The maple in particular had stumped my Stanley No 4 and my Axminster Rider No 7 but the No 62 sailed through it with ease.

Unlike my jointer which had several small details that needed addressed before use the low angle jack was in superb condition the only issue being the blade which required a lot of work to achieve a cutting edge. That being said the spare blade supplied with it was razor sharp so it would seem there is a significant degree of variance in the factory sharpening process.

I was unsure about the adjustable mouth on the plane at first fearing it would introduce a degree of variance to the flatness of the sole but this does not seem to be an issue, the machining is very very precise. In fact the ability to almost completely close the mouth is probably what makes this plane so effective.

Mindful of the desire to retain a low angle on the cutting edge I sharpened the cutting edge to 27 degrees giving an effective cutting angle of 39 degrees and this sails through knitted pine very pleasingly. I think that this may explain the issues I had in sharpening as I suspect there was a 30 degree microbevel and the hugely thick iron then meant there was a lot of metal to remove before reaching the cutting edge to establish a burr so perhaps had a chosen a steeper angle I might have had an easier time.

All in all I can’t recommend it highly enough. £117 might seem expensive but you are getting a lot for your money and compatible planes are far more expensive. But it, you won’t regret it.


1 December 2017

Know why you are buying it!!!

My reason to buy this plane was simple, I wanted a plane for shooting end grain. Shallow angles are recommended for this task. In this regard however, the plane was not the greatest success. I am judging the plane only in the capacity of a shooting plane and dare say it is good at normal planing routines. As all the plane tackle is so low there is nothing to grip the plane with when it is on it's side. I find the plane depth adjuster a tad awkward and small. Almost impossible to get a grip of the plane when on it's side. I am not yet a convert to using low angle planes for normal planing duties and am more than happy with my standard angle set-up No4's smoothing and Jack planes. I will say however, that the weight and quality of these Rider planes come in at a great value point. Blade thickness is amazing and plane weight very surprising. Those who complain that the plane sole is a thou out blah, blah blah need to concentrate more on their woodwork; I don't remember Chippendale using a wooden plane machined to better than a couple of thou!! These planes in competent hands will give great results. I was actually walking out the shop with a Lie Nielsen jack plane but decided to check the Riders out as I walked past them; glad I did, saved myself nearly £200. More than delighted with my purchase. Only thing I may now do is buy a compatible PMV-11 Veritas blade. I'm now still looking for a decent shooting board plane but am frightened at the cost of the Lie-Nielsen shooting plane; any ideas?


30 January 2017

Excellent plane

This is a sheer joy to use. Great value for money. Even the blade came scary sharp out of the box.
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