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Designed for tradesmen and professionals, the Axminster Trade Clamps are guaranteed to give you maximum performance. We are so confident they will never let you down we've given them a Lifetime Guarantee. Read more...

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With a wide range suitable for use in woodwork, engineering and fabrication or welding, these clamps have lots of exciting features. Explore this Forged Quick Lever Clamp to find out more...

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Active clamping - pressure is maintained regardless of the condition of the timber being held


Forged steel construction - recovers its original form even when maximum pressure is applied


Maximum clamping pressure - clearly advised on each clamp so you use the right clamp for the job


Exceptional value for money - you can never have enough clamps and with our prices you can buy as many as you want


Quality design and manufacture - embracing the latest innovations and made from the finest materials


What are they made from?

Steel in one form or another predominates. So why use one type of steel rather than another?

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Active Clamping

What is 'active clamping'?

When a clamp maintains its pressure, regardless of the condition and movement of the material being clamped.

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Our latest range of clamps meet the exacting requirements of the trade

The Axminster Trade Clamps range includes clamps for use in woodwork, engineering and fabrication or welding. We are able to offer top quality clamps which are all suitable for trade use.

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