Axminster Trade Series AT129PT Planer Thicknesser
Axminster Trade Series AT129PT Planer Thicknesser
£2,375.50 (£1,979.58 Ex. VAT)

Axminster Trade Series AT129PT Planer Thicknesser

  • Trade rated planer thicknesser substantially constructed from cast iron and welded steel
  • Spiral block with shear cutting action gives a very clean finish to the work
  • Uses 14mm solid Tungsten Carbide four edged spur cutters
  • Long cast iron tables and tilting alloy fence offer exceptional accuracy and stability
  • Pivoting dust extraction hood operates in thicknessing and surfacing modes
  • Both tables are adjustable and electrically interlocked for safety
  • Extended support roller on thicknessing table
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£2,375.50 (£1,979.58 Ex. VAT)

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In Detail

Trade Classification & 3 Year Guarantee

This is a ruggedly made planer thicknesser, especially suited for use in any trade workshop. Constructed from cast iron and heavy gauge welded steel, it is robust and will withstand heavy use on a daily basis. The long cast iron surfacing tables have heavy ribbing underneath to maintain flatness and, unusually, both tables are completely adjustable to the cutter block to avoid sniping. The tables hinge independently and have up-stop latches to hold them securely when thicknessing. The thicknessing table is easy to adjust with a smooth mechanism, and is also supplied with digital height indication for accurate measurement of the cut. A position lock is fitted which prevents any movement. There is a power feed engagement lever for use when thicknessing; the 6m/min feed speed ensures a smooth, even finish. When surface planing, the long rigid alloy fence supports your work securely, the fence being easily adjustable with stops for 90° and 45°. Brackets are mounted on the rear of the machine to store the fence when not in use. Chip extraction is via a hinging flip-over hood which is electrically interlocked for safety.
This machine is fitted with a four row spiral blade cutter block. This uses 14mm square x 2.5mm thick, four edged solid Tungsten Carbide spur type cutters, 56 in all arranged over four rows. These cutters are unique in that the edges are machined to a radius of 102mm; this coupled with how they are set on the block means that a shear type cut is achieved. This gives a very "kind" cut so that even figured timbers can be machined with little or no tear-out. There are several advantages of this type of cutter block :-

Durability: each edge will last around ten times longer than an HSS knife and you have four edges per cutter.

Noise: spiral cutter blocks are notably quieter in use, up to 50% with some timbers. And the finish is silky smooth, without the usual lines across the board.

Power: because of their shear type cutter action, the power saving can be as much as 30%, meaning much less strain on the machine and lower running costs.
Your extraction will also be more efficient because of the even shape of the chips, packing more into the waste sack.
If your work involves machining difficult, abrasive timbers, or large batch production with sanding as a finishing procedure, then this system is unbeatable. N.B. 16A supply required, type C breaker recommended.

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Cuts per Minute 14,400
Cutterblock Diameter 70 mm
Cutterblock Speed 4,800 rpm
Dust Extraction Outlet 100 mm
Feed Speed 5 m/min
Knives TCT Spur Cutters x 56
Length of Table 1,380 mm
Max Depth of Cut Planer 4.0 mm
Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser 2.0 mm
Max Planing Width 310 mm
Max Thicknessing Capacity 225 mm
Min Extraction Airflow Required 1,500 m³/hr
Model AT129PT
Nett Weight 272 kg
Overall L x W x H 1,390 mm x 930 mm x 1,350 mm
Power 3.0 kW
Rating Trade
Sound Power Level [Uncertainty K] 89 dB(A) [1.5 dB]
Voltage 230 V
Reviews (6)

Customer Reviews

Overall rating 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews

Newest Customer Reviews


Geoffrey Laycock

18 November 2017

Excellent machine

I did write a long positive review which the wonderful Axminster website dumped and left me to start all over again! All previous reviewers have said everything you need. Great machine and super value compared with the Hammer I was going to buy.

Great planer/thicknesser, bloody annoying website - AGAIN! Yes you've done this to me before.


15 November 2017

Suberb machine for the money

I've had the AT129PT for a few weeks now and ordered it with the spiral cutter block and mobile base. Getting it off the base of the shipping pallet and onto the mobile base was a challenge – every reviewer says the machine is heavy, but it’s still a shock when you realise just how heavy it is and a good chunk of the weight is up top in the tables.

Ignore this bit if you get bored easily, but I thought I’d share how we got the machine off the pallet base, as I think we (well, my clever mate) came up with an approach that takes stress and risk out of the process and it might be useful for other people. We cranked up the thicknesser base just enough to allow two 3" x 2" x 2.4m long batons to be slung under the thicknesser table, either side of the piston, effectively providing “wheelbarrow” handles at each end (the tech guys at head office say the thicknesser base is more than strong enough to take all the weight). We used strong supports at each end that were just a tad higher than the handles and lifted one end at a time (one guy on each handle) to allow a support to be pushed under the handles before lowering them onto it. We also used three pieces of 18mm plywood on each support as spacers. With both ends suspended on the supports, we lined up the mobile base under the machine and then lowered the machine bit by bit by lifting the handles at one end briefly, removing one spacer at a time and lowering, then repeating at the other end. On the last drop: brief lift of the handles, third man whips the support right out and the other two guys lower the last few mm onto the mobile base.

This approach avoids any risk of tipping or sliding off the edge of the pallet that comes with just lifting via the tables and manhandling the machine off the pallet. Each of the lifts is short and easy with a guy on each handle. There’s no point when you’re trying to manhandle the full weight of the machine and it’s always stable because one set of ‘wheelbarrow’ handles is always resting on a firm support. I don’t work in Health & Safety, but after a bit of heaving and sliding, I realised there was plenty of potential for things to go wrong and I didn’t want my PT face down on the floor or one of my mates under it, as I’d promised both of them beers and pub dinner after.

Sorry for the deviation. Back on topic, set up and fettling was generally easy. The tables are bang-on flat, as is the thicknesser table. The planing tables are also perfectly aligned and planar to each other when cutting depth is zeroed. The fence is heavy but rock solid.

Enough already said about finish and accuracy, but it’s worth saying that it’s very easy to get these results. So many workshop machines, even expensive ones, have bits you have to fettle or work around to get decent results and consistency every time you use them. That wastes time and makes you want to throw things you shouldn’t throw. Not on this machine – the precision and build quality mean accuracy and consistency just happen every time.

I opted for the spiral cutter block for the usual reasons, but quietness matters a lot to me, as I’m in a home workshop. With this block, the AT129 is remarkably quiet, even planing a 200mm-wide piece of hardwood. This is the icing on the cake for me, as PTs are usually noisy. This one is unfeasibly quiet!

Overall, this is a superb machine that really is a joy to use. The one small thing I’d really like to see is a digital readout to fit this machine for thicknessing, as I do quite a lot of repeat work, but I’m sure the guys at Axminster will conjure one up soon.


8 September 2017

Great quality, Fantastic service

Had this machine for a couple of months now and used regularly (although a weekend work worker not a pro). I do process up a lot of wood from rough lumber and this planner/thicknesser really does a superb job. Quality great, quiet and it does not keep blocking extractor. From my experience so far I would agree with (rather than repeat) the previous reviews. I did hit a problem, in fact it started with hitting a stone embedded in a piece of oak, which chipped 2 of the cutters, unfortunately this led to the discovery that the guys who assembled originally didn't follow their own instructions regarding not over-torquing the retaining screws. Called Axminster, they sent out an Engineer within a few days, who sorted the entire cutter block, great service. Setting the machine up and getting the tables and the cutter block all aligned is a bit painful, but once completed and technique understood not too difficult. Great tool, anticipating many years of service out of it.

Mark Day

16 June 2017

Outstanding Results

After waiting some months for the spiral cutter model to come back into stock it finally arrived. The Axminster delivery guys were fantastic and helped me lift the machine onto its mobile base. This machine is VERY heavy and requires 3 people to safely lift onto a mobile base.
Having got the machine now calibrated and have used a few times you will not be dissapointed, the finish obtained from planing & thicknessing is outstanding! A fantastic piece of kit.
One piece of advice when setting up is to ensure this is connected to a type "C" 16A breaker (nothing in the product description to advise this) as the inrush current far exceeds other 16A Axminster trade series machines I own. The only other issue encountered thus far is the locking mechanism for the indeed & outfeed tables, they lock down using a cam type of mechanism, fiddly to set up, a simple threaded locking mechanism would have been much better, a small price to pay for a machine that delivers superb results.

Russell Davis

15 January 2017

Exceeding expectations

After searching for a replacement for my aged and very noisy kitty planer I'd narrowed my choice down to two machines one a Felder/hammer the other an Axminster both were single phase and both offering a spiral cutter system. Having viewed the felder at a trade exhibition I was almost ready to make the purchase despite the hammer being almost twice the price of Axminster.
So next it was time to take a look at the Axminster ,a trip down to their store in Nuneaton I was met with friendly and helpful staff .The first thing I noticed was that the machine looked very sturdy for a reasonably small machine although some of the fittings looked a bit cheap i.e. all the plastic bits (but so did the hammer too).Over all the the hammer looked to me the better quality machine but not by much, the thing that sold the Axminster to me was in my opinion the superior cutter head giving 4 rows of cutters to felder's 2.
Although only having had the Axminster for a couple of weeks it's done quite a bit of work and I'm very pleased with it ,going as far to say it's exceeded my expectations.The quality of finish is superb especially on hardwoods such as sapele which is notorious for tearing the grain.
It's also the quietest planer I have ever used (having used many different machines over a 25 year period).
I would highly recommend this machine, time will tell its longevity but so far so good.
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