Sealey Furniture

The Challenge

In 2011 Sealey Furniture suffered a devastating fire which saw the loss of their workshop and all the tools, machinery and materials inside.

Keith and his team were looking for not only a tools and machinery supplier, but a partner to help re-build the business whilst taking the opportunity to explore ways to increase productivity.*

The Solution

Dedicated account support

Following the fire it was essential for Sealey Furniture to replace the majority of their tools and machinery in order to re-build their business. Axminster were their first port of call, partly for the vast product range but mostly for the support provided for business customers.

Alex Boam, maker at Sealey Furniture, testifies to the benefits of having a dedicated account manager

Having someone knowledgeable on the end of the phone makes all the difference. It makes the ordering process quick and easy for us, but mostly it’s great to discuss options with someone who not only has great product knowledge, but also knows our company and the industry too.

As well as offering pre-sales support, Axminster provide an after sales service. A large number of spare parts are stocked at the main warehouse or can be sourced from overseas. Alex and the team find a quick call to their Technical Consultant gets them the part they need with minimal fuss.

Star Performers


The team at Sealey Furniture use a huge range of Festool tools and Alex talks highly of how the whole system works together

The entire Festool system works flawlessly and the fact that almost every tool has dust extraction capability is a must for us.

Festool, Lamello and JET

Festool favourites

  • Festool TS55 - allows for flexible working and of course comes with the typical Festool advantages of better, easier and faster working.
  • Extraction - the robust design means Festool extractors are suitable for the trade user. An automatic electronic switch on/shut off allows connection to a power tool for the cleanest working environment.
  • New AIRSTREAM technology - up to 65% faster charging time, backwards compatible to fit older models and a three year warranty for extra peace of mind.

More firm favourites

  • Lamello Invis - The Invis system is a totally invisible connector. There is no clamping required, overcoming design problems where it is simply impossible to clamp. Sealey Furniture used Invis to produce their pieces for the Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design Exhibition. The show hosts work from the best bespoke furniture makers from all over the world.
  • JET OES-80 Oscillating Edge Sander - Sands in both the horizontal and vertical position and any angle in between. A speed of 50 oscillations per minute ensures the high standard of finish Sealey Furniture require to create their popular Lilipad stand, pictured in the header image.
  • Axcaliber Router Cutters - described by Alex as ‘good quality tools which hold an edge very well.’ The comprehensive range covers a wide variety of applications with cutters ranging from a tiny 3mm single flute cutter, up to the 75mm diameter panel raising cutters.
JET, Lamello & Axcaliber

Solutions supplied

Fast delivery

Sealey Furniture says Axminster’s fast delivery service is extremely important when working towards deadlines; a simple phone call before 4pm normally sees the delivery arrive the next day.

A great range in store

Sealey Furniture is located in Lutterworth, not far from Axminster’s Nuneaton store and they find the vast product range on display particularly useful for any last minute, urgent purchases.


Axminster played a large part in assisting Sealey Furniture with the refit of their workshop following the fire in 2011. Their dedicated Axminster Technical Consultant paid regular visits to the workshop getting to know the business and their processes. Instead of simply replacing the lost tools and machinery, the knowledge gained from spending time with the business helped Axminster advise on solutions to aid Sealey Furniture in becoming more productive.

Since 2011 the relationship has developed further and Axminster have provided additional support, including the introduction of representatives from specialist tool companies such as Lamello. Alex says contacts like these really help keep Sealey Furniture at the top of their game and ensure their designs are cutting edge.

These contacts are especially useful as we look to explore and test new products which enable us to create truly unique pieces of work. Axminster have provided us with a lot of support, a quick phone call to our dedicated account manager always gets us what we need.

Contact Axminster Business Services

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Customer Profile

Sealey Furniture

Sealey Design Studio

Established in 1977, Sealey Furniture have earned a strong reputation as professional designers and makers of high specification furniture. Owner and designer, Keith Sealey built the business on traditional methods, all the while ensuring that the company constantly evolves to incorporate modern techniques and the latest design practices.

Commissions range from one off pieces of bespoke furniture through to complete house fit outs including the design, craft and installation of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. In addition to domestic clients, Sealey Furniture work with interior designers and architects.

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