Chopstick Master

What is the Chopstick Master?

The quintessential gift for the master craftsman in your life

The Chopstick Master is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! Beautifully designed and engineered to the maximum, the Bridge City Chopstick Master allows you to make outstanding chopsticks effortlessly. It is quite simply the most satisfying and enjoyable woodwork you will ever do.

Chopstick Master

A bit about the designer and the origins of the Chopstick Master

John Economaki has been designing tools for over 30 years. With many of his tools being distributed in China, he volunteered to attend China’s largest woodworking show. Wanting to put a smile on people’s faces he decided to sell chopsticks to the Chinese, well, demonstrate the art of making them anyway. He soon realised he would need a suitable jig for his demonstration and set about designing and making one in the exact same way he would if he was designing the ultimate woodworking tools.

To cut (or chop) a long story short, the chopstick demonstration was a success, with crowds of people all waiting to have a go. After the show, John realised he was onto something, and with that, the Chopstick Master was born.

Who are Bridge City Tool Works?

Established in 1983 by John Economaki, Bridge City Tool Works produce innovative and immaculately crafted tools for the most discerning woodworkers and collectors from around the world. Made from the finest materials, many of their tools are made in limited quantities, making them truly collectable items. To use one of their tools is to use the ultimate woodworking tool.

The Diamond Finial

The Diamond Finial

One of the most important aspects to a traditional chopstick. This beautiful shape to the end of a chopstick is not just decorational, it is a symbol for good luck and prosperity.

Some more fun chopstick facts...

  • Traditional Chinese chopsticks are 7.6 Chinese inches long representing the 7 emotions and the 6 desires.
  • The ancient Chinese believed the sky to be round and the earth to be square, which is why a chopstick is round one end square the other.
  • Using chopsticks keeps you fit! Well, not quite, but you do use over 30 joints and 50 muscles in the fingers, wrist, arm and shoulder.
  • The Chinese use 45 billion Chopsticks annually. It’s time you got in on that market!

What do you get with the Chopstick Master?

Chopstick Master

1) The Chopstick Master Base

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the slick design allows it to be used on almost any surface from a workshop bench to a kitchen worktop.

2) Red Arm - For 2mm Chopsticks

This allows chopsticks to be made with a 2mm point to them, these are commonly used in Japanese culture.

3) Green Arm - For 5mm Chopsticks

A wider 5mm pointed chopstick is more desired in Chinese cultures.

4) Red Clamping Wedges

Incredibly important, these two specifically designed wedges keep you chopstick blanks in the right place throughout the making process.

Crosscut Sliding Table

5) Crosscut Sliding Table

The diamond finial is one of the most important aspect to a traditional chopstick, the crosscut sliding table, when used in conjunction with the below crosscut saw blade makes this process effortless.

Crosscut Sawblade

6) Crosscut Sawblade

Designed to be specifically used with the Chopstick Master, the crosscut saw blade is made in Japan and will keep its sharpness to cut many diamond finials.

Honing guide, block plane, sleeves and blanks

7) Honing guide for plane iron

30° Honing guide to make sharpening the plane iron easy.

8) Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids

Machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium, this block plane also works as a stand alone apron plane. If there is one tool that shows the quality of Bridge City, this is it.

9) 10 Fabric Sleeves

The cotton fabric sleeves not only keep your chopsticks safe, they also make them into the perfect gift.

10) 16 Chopstick Blanks & Oil

4 each of Cherry, Maple, Padauk and Walnut and 2 each of Ceylon Iron wood and Teak blanks. Plus a small bottle of finishing oil.

How do you use the Chopstick Master

How to make the ultimate pair of chopsticks

1) Take Chopstick Master jig and place on work surface

How to make chopsticks -  Step 1

2) Number each blank face 1 - 4

How to make chopsticks -  Step 2

3) Insert blank into Chopstick Master and hold in place with wedges

How to make chopsticks -  Step 3

4) Take plane and insert onto the Chopstick Master track

How to make chopsticks -  Step 4

5) Plane along track until it stops cutting

How to make chopsticks -  Step 5

6) Remove wedges and turn blank to face 2 and repeat process

How to make chopsticks -  Step 6

7) Take out chopstick blank and raise the arm to the 2 position using the purple height setting knobs

How to make chopsticks -  Step 7

8) Put chopstick blank back into jig and plane faces 3 & 4

How to make chopsticks -  Step 8

Top Tip

It is important you always plane with the grain. If you find this is not the case, simply turn the plane around and plane towards you.

How to make chopsticks -  Top Tip 1

9) Producing the octagonal shape to the tip. Remove the wedges and place the chopstick into the centre groove of the jig

How to make chopsticks -  Step 9

10) Plane along track until it stops cutting. Rotate and repeat three more times

How to make chopsticks -  Step 10

Top Tip

Here we are making a 5mm tip to the chopstick. If you require a thinner 2mm tipped chopstick, replace the red arm with the supplied green arm.

How to make chopsticks -  Top Tip 2

11) Cutting the diamond finial

How to make chopsticks -  Step 11

12) Attach the crosscut saw blade to the jig

How to make chopsticks -  Step 12

13) Take the supplied crosscut sled & slide the crosscut sled onto the Chopstick Master

How to make chopsticks -  Step 13

14) Press the tip of the chopstick against the stop and hold firmly

How to make chopsticks -  Step 14

15) Run the chopstick along the first ¾ of the blade only. Turn the chopstick and repeat the process until the diamond finial has been created

How to make chopsticks -  Step 15

16) Use food safe oil to protect the chopstick

How to make chopsticks -  Step 16

17) Put chopsticks into their presentation bag and give that perfect present

How to make chopsticks -  Step 17
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