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As pioneers of the oscillating cutting tool since 1968, FEIN have over 40 years of experience producing some of the best multi-tools on the market. Find out more...

Founded in 1867, FEIN’s long history isn’t just about multi-tools. In 1895 FEIN invented the world’s first power tool, combining a hand drill with electric motors to create the first electric drill. After that came a portable sanding machine in 1906 and in the twenties and early thirties the introduction of the company’s first jigsaws and electric handsaws. The original oscillating power tool appeared later in 1968 and was used primarily in orthopaedics for cutting plaster casts. This oscillating power tool then evolved to incorporate a grinding function in 1986 and from there to FEIN’s famous MultiMaster capable of a multitude of tasks - sanding, scraping, sawing, cutting and polishing.

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FEIN and Bosch have collaborated on a new fitting system for oscillating multi tools called Starlock. Here we take a look at what has changed and what the benefits are to you

FEIN Starlock

Snap in fitting


Backwards compatibility


Laser etching


Quality accessories that outlast the imitations


Industry recognised colour-coding system


Star design


3D Fixing

Have a look behind the scenes

120 years of ‘FEIN’ Drilling….

Match the speed to the conditions

Not only leaders in oscillating multi tools, FEIN have applied the same standards of excellence to their newest four speed drill driver.

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