Building Tools

The 'one stop shop' for all your trade, construction, site, home DIY equipment and tools. Everything for the plasterer, painter or plumber and many other trades, as well as for the 'great outdoors'!
Groundwork Tools Groundwork Tools

Specialist equipment for site, construction and general building work

Shovels Shovels

From coal to snow, there's a shovel here for everyone

Board Carriers & Door Lifters Board Carriers & Door Lifters

A range of equipment for safely lifting heavy, awkward boards and doors

Brick & Builder's Hammers Brick & Builder's Hammers

Club and specialist hammers for the builder and bricklayer

Masonry & Plaster Saws Masonry & Plaster Saws

Single and double ended spanners for the scaffolding trade

Buckets & Tubs Buckets & Tubs

Contain your building materials in our selection of buckets and tubs

Brick Hods & Brick Tongs Brick Hods & Brick Tongs

Hods and tongs make light work of carrying heavy bricks

Cold Chisels & Bolsters Cold Chisels & Bolsters

Bolsters and chisels, ideal for cutting or shaping bricks and blocks

Feather Edges Feather Edges

Extruded aluminium straight edges with one feathered side

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