Pliers, Tweezers, Cutters & Snips

Browse our extensive range of pliers, tweezers cutters and snips. Whether you're a professional tradesman or DIY enthusiast, you're sure to find the right tool for the job.
Plier Sets Plier Sets

Sets of pliers, suitable for many applications and different trades

Combination Pliers Combination Pliers

Cut wire or grip items securely with combination pliers

Wire Cutting & Stripping Pliers Wire Cutting & Stripping Pliers

A range of pliers and cutters to suit electrical trades and DIY users

VDE Pliers VDE Pliers

VDE certified pliers for dependable electrical safety and reliability

Locking Pliers Locking Pliers

A pair of locking pliers, or 'Mole' grips, is an essential part of any tool kit

Long Nose & Bent Nose Pliers Long Nose & Bent Nose Pliers

Pliers which reach into those difficult-to-get-at places

Waterpump & Slip Joint Pliers Waterpump & Slip Joint Pliers

Specific pliers for the plumber

Precision Pliers Precision Pliers

Smaller, finer tools which are suitable for more delicate gripping tasks

Bolt Cutters Bolt Cutters

Cut through the hardest and toughest materials with ease using these tools

Tweezers Tweezers

Tweezers for the most delicate holding and gripping tasks

Circlip Pliers Circlip Pliers

Circlip removal is an awkward task made easy using our specialist pliers

Compound, Tin Snips & Shears Compound, Tin Snips & Shears

Effective hand tools for nibbling and cutting sheet metal

Revolving Punch & Eyelet Pliers Revolving Punch & Eyelet Pliers

Punch and eyelet pliers make easy work of inserting the eyelets

Fencing Rings Fencing Rings

Heavy duty pliers to fix thicker wire netting and chain link fencing

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