Plumbing Tools

Our extensive range of tools for the plumber makes choosing the right tool easy, whether for trade use or the DIY user at home. From plumb bob to pipe cutter, it's all here.
Adustable Wrenches Adustable Wrenches

An adjustable wrench is a very handy tool to keep in the tool box

Drain Cleaning Tools Drain Cleaning Tools

Tools and equipment for cleaning and clearing drains

Gas & Pressure Testers Gas & Pressure Testers

Essential tools for testing gas pipework installations for leaks

Lead Dressers Lead Dressers

Specially designed tools for work on all sheet materials

Pipework & Drain Testing Tools Pipework & Drain Testing Tools

A range of plugs for use when air/water testing or repairing pipework

Pipework: Benders & Cutters Pipework: Benders & Cutters

Benders and cutters for the plumber, gas fitter or domestic heating engineer

Plumbing Spanners, Keys & Wrenches Plumbing Spanners, Keys & Wrenches

Specialist plumbers' tools for easier access to awkward places!

Spark Lighters Spark Lighters

When you've lost your flint and steel, use a spark lighter

Stillson Wrenches Stillson Wrenches

The traditional stilson wrench with an instant grip and ratcheting action

Waterpump & Slip Joint Pliers Waterpump & Slip Joint Pliers

Waterpump and slip joint pliers for gripping extra wide objects

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