Sharpening Tools

Chisel or plane blade, marking knife or bradawl, sharp tools are a prerequisite at any level for any successful woodworking. We have everthing required to achieve the perfect edge!
Waterstones Waterstones

A great selection of top quality waterstones from Japan

Diamond Sharpening Stones Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamond sharpening stones produce an excellent edge and are almost indestructible

Oilstones Oilstones

Traditional and robust oilstones; no tool bag should be without one

Wetstone Sharpeners Wetstone Sharpeners

Water cooled power grinders and sharpening systems

Strops Strops

A strop dressed with a suitable compound produces the ultimate edge

Lapping Lapping

Use a dead flat lapping plate for a variety of uses in the workshop

Slip Stones Slip Stones

Profiled section sharpening stones for carving gouges

Garden Tool Sharpeners Garden Tool Sharpeners

Sharpening equipment to keep your garden tools in perfect condition

Knife & Scissor Sharpeners Knife & Scissor Sharpeners

A range of sharpeners to put the perfect edge on knives and scissors

Polishing & Linishing Compounds Polishing & Linishing Compounds

Abrasive polishing compounds applied to a strop or wheel for the ulimate edge

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