I Love Tools

A labour of love

Whether you're with or without a loved one this Valentine's Day, you can't beat time on your own doing the things you love. Wherever your passion lies, we've got the tools to find your perfect match with any project. If you're still to fall in love with a new hobby or project, go on a first date to see if you like them with these guides to getting started...

The art of scroll sawing

The Art of Scroll Sawing

Read Adrian's blog for saw reviews, top tips plus a selection of exclusive patterns to get you started.

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Power Carving

Power Carving

Arbortech have been busy creating video tutorials and project plans to help and inspire you.

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Turn a Pen

Turn a Pen

Getting started is easy! Pens can be made from a variety of different materials and given as gifts or sold at craft fairs.

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Step-by-Step Pyrography

Step-by-Step Pyrography

Why not have a go at the intriguing art of wood burning using our guide by Ben Beddows, Axminster Skill Centre tutor.

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Axcaliber Dovetail Cutter

When a match is based purely on looks

When woodworking it's OK to be shallow and base everything on looks. Projects need to be aesthetically pleasing and is there a better looking joint than a dovetail?

Axminster Trade Bitz

Love them to bits

Axminster Trade Bitz offer a long lasting relationship thanks to the added durability of the S2 grade steel.

Take care of your loved ones (and yourself)

Even tools need a little TLC. But even more importantly, it's essential to give yourself the best protection possible.

Dust extractors

Clear the air with an extractor

Protect your lungs
Health & Safety Gear

Protection from head to toe

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