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We believe our selection of accessories, consumables and fixings is second to none. Here we take a look at some of the ranges and what really sets them apart.

Machinery Accessories

The old adage that your saw is only as good as the blade you put in it is very true and it's not just about saw blades either. No matter what machine you are using there will always be a consumable or accessory that will improve its performance, be it the abrasive you are putting in your sander or the HEPA filter installed on your extractor.

No matter what accessory you are looking to add to your machine, we are sure to have it. Better still, if you are unsure about what to choose, we have helpful and knowledgable staff in store and over the phone, who will guide you every step of the way.


A superb range of circular saw blades, bandsaw blades, router cutters and spindle moulder tooling, the Axcaliber range has been proven to give outstanding service time after time.

Circular Saw Blades

Manufactured in one of the most advanced facilities in the world, the Axcaliber range of TCT circular saw blades offers an unmatched blend of choice, cutting performance and price. The range is in two parts, Contract and Premium.

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Contract range


Although considered to be our 'standard' blades, these are superb quality. They are tensioned, ground plates, with anti vibration slots for smooth running and micro-brazed TCT tips for longer cutting. Starting at 165mm right up to 355mm, this range covers a wide variety of machinery.

Premium range


Very much aimed at the professional user, these blades give exceptional cutting performance combined with a very affordable price. The plates are roll tensioned and ground for accuracy. The extra large Luxembourg micro grain tungsten carbide tips allow up to 20 sharpens while the resin filled slots prevent whistling, an invaluable way of noise reduction in the workshop.

Bandsaw Blades

All Axcaliber blades are made from UK sourced stock, sized, welded, finished and packed in our very own production facility here in Axminster.

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The range consists of six different types of bandsaw blade; Ground Tooth, High Carbon, Premium, Back Tooth, Ripper 37 and Freshcut GT.

Axcaliber Bandsaw blades

Ground Tooth

Unique to Axminster, these blades are made from a material designed for the production user. The diamond ground teeth stay sharper for at least 30% longer and are so sharp that they give an exceptional finish and clean cut in almost all materials.

High Carbon

Best described as general purpose blades, these are suitable for many standard tasks in the workshop.


Made from M42 high speed steel with 8% cobalt, these blades will cut all materials with ease, even metal at the right blade speed!

Axcaliber Bandsaw blades

Back Tooth

With small teeth on the back of the blade that clear the back of the cut by widening the kerf, these blades enable a much tighter curve to be cut, making them perfect for the woodturner wanting to cut their own blanks.

Ripper 37

Fitting only the largest machines with the motor capacity to handle them, these blades are specifically manufactured for wood processing and deep ripping tasks.

Freshcut 37 GT

These blades also have the diamond ground teeth, as well as a light teeth set and hook configuration. These culminate in a blade made for all ripping tasks, that will last for far longer than normal milled tooth blades.

Spindle moulder tooling

Spindle Moulder Tooling

The heart of any spindle moulding operation lies in the tooling; the correct choice of cutters and associated equipment will make all the difference to the quality, speed and efficiency of the operation. Axcaliber has a wide variety of tooling on offer, from knives and limiters to cutter heads and rebate blocks. To find out what tooling you need for your task, please telephone 0800 371822 or visit your local store.

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UJK Technology

Launched in 2012, UJK Technology products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house at Axminster. Although primarily designed to offer the very best in joinery products you will also find some invaluable general woodworking accessories such as the impressive Precision Mitre Gauge & Fence and the Bandsaw Buddy!

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UJK Technology Precision Mitre Gauge & Fence
UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy

Axminster Woodturning Chucks

With over 20 years of experience developing and producing woodturning chucks here at Axminster HQ, we are confident our woodturning chuck range is the most tried and trusted on the market today.

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We are so confident in the quality and precision of the chucks that they all have a five year guarantee!

Axminster Evolution SK114 Chuck

Axminster Evolution SK114 Chuck

Taking the best features of our Axminster chuck designs over the past 20 years, we have, in our view, produced the most superb chuck. The chuck body is manufactured of stainless steel making it totally rustproof. Accuracy is also assured by threading the body of the chuck for perfect concentricity.

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Axminster Clubman Chucks

Axminster Clubman Chucks

Like the Evolution, the Clubman Chucks are also made of stainless steel, allowing for closer tolerances during manufacturing. Available in either 80 or 100mm diameter and in a variety of thread options, these chucks will fit almost any lathe on the market.

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