Brand new tools from Festool

A close-up look at the new mitre saw, sander, radio and batteries.

Festool KAPEX KS60 E-SET Mitre Saw

A mobile mitre saw

Festool has put the emphasis on mobility with their latest mitre saw, trimming down the weight of the KS60 to just 17.8kg. But just because it's lighter it doesn't mean you're compromised on functionality. You can still achieve the same exact levels of precision you have come to expect from Festool.

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Long floor pieces to cut?

No problem, Festool has a system for everything. The KS60 has a clever function as the additional feet (complete with the SET version) raise the height of the saw to the level of a Systainer SYS 1, turning the SYS 1 into a handy support table.

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Excellent cutting precision

Cut where you want to. An LED light casts a shadow on the workpiece, showing the exact position of the cut. The twin column guide then accurately guides the blade for smooth cuts.

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The turntable can be rotated to 60° in either direction. Tilt to 47° to the left and 46° to the right.

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Upstairs downstairs

A compact design and ergonomic carry handles combined with the lower weight make the KS60 much more portable. Useful features also include an integrated cord holder which helps to keep the cord tucked away; especially handy when being carried up flights of stairs.

Decide what's right for you

How the KS60 and KS120 match up.

KS60 KS120
Power Consumption 1,200W 1,600W
Idle Engine Speed 1,300-3,500 min 1,400-3,400 min
Blade diameter 216mm 260mm
Extraction Diameter 27 / 36mm 27 / 36mm
Weight 17.8kg 21.5kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 661 x 475 x 430mm 713 x 500 x 470mm

Cutting angles and depths

Compare the two options.

KS60 KS120
Angles: Inclination & Mitre 47/46° & 60/60° 47/47° & 50/60°
Cutting Depth 90°/90° 305 x 60mm 305 x 88mm
Cutting Depth at 45°/90° 215 x 60mm 215 x 88mm
Cutting Depth 60°/90° (right) 150 x 60mm 152 x 88mm
Cutting Depth 45°/45° (right) 215 x 20mm 215 x 35mm

Serious about sanding

The new Festool PLANEX EASY LHS-E225 Long Reach Sander arrives in March

Festool PLANEX EASY LHS-E225 Long Reach Sander

Better surface contact

A new soft sanding pad adapts to the contours of the surface for efficient sanding coverage. The removable brush segment also allows sanding right up to the edge.

Festool CLEANTEC CTM 36 AC PLANEX Mobile Dust Extractor

Connect to the System

Drywall dust can get everywhere. Sanding is so much more efficient with the right extraction and the PLANEX EASY works in perfect partnership with the CTM 36 AC PLANEX Dust Extractor.

Compact and capable

Festool Li-Ion 18V 3.1Ah Battery Pack

Festool Li-Ion 18V 3.1Ah Battery Pack

Festool has launched a new range of 3.1Ah batteries as a lighter and more compact alternative. Useful for anyone who prefers less weight and better handling such as when working overhead. They have a LED display so you can clearly see what power is left.

A digital sound

Festool SYSROCK Radio

Festool SYSROCK BR 10 DAB+ Worksite Radio

A powerful sound from a compact and robust design. The new Festool SYSROCK now comes with DAB+ stations and you can listen to your favourite playlists from your smart phone with the Bluetooth interface. Listen wherever you need to - mains or battery powered from 10.8-18V slide in batteries.

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