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Axminster Trade Series Pillar Drills

So, what makes these stand out from the competition?

Here we give you a brief insight into these features as well as giving you the lowdown on the specification of these machines.

Japanese made belts

Improved transmission

New multi-vee belt system allows for improved transmission, minimising vibration to help increase accuracy. These belts transmit the power from the motor more efficiently than a standard v-belt.

Quill and spindle assembly

Ultra precision of the quill

As with our range of Axminster Hobby Series pillar drills, we have spent a lot of time on getting our Axminster Trade Series drills as accurate as possible. The quill and spindle assembly are manufactured to exact tolerances, eliminating any play. So happy are we with the accuracy of these drills, we would recommend them to the metal worker as well as the wood workshop. The whole drill however is only as good as the drill bits used. Shop our range of drill bits.

LED work light

Attention to detail

High quality castings achieved by utilising the technique of shell moulding, which allows highly accurate, finely finished shapes to be formed in cast iron. This not only makes the drills look aesthetically pleasing but also guarantees weight and stability. The smallest of the models weighs a hefty 63kg, showing you just how stable and robust the range is.

If you are in the market for a drill that you can use every day, on either wood or metal, you won't find many better than these.

Combining high accuracy, robust construction and a very economical price, they are an excellent choice for those of you who are looking for better than the norm.

Switch System and Down Feed

Switch System and Down Feed

The switch system has a separate locking emergency stop switch, plus there is a switch for the integrated LED work light. The down feed is via a one-piece cast iron handle with soft rubber grips and there is an accurate drilling depth control.

Table Assembly

Table Assembly

Table height is controlled via a rack and pinion system; the whole table assembly can be swivelled away to allow the base to be used as a work support. For the tilt angle, we secure the metal scales with rivets for ultra durability. The table also features t-slots to to securely clamp vices or work pieces.

Let's have a look at the specification

ATDP13B Bench ATDP16B Bench ATDP17F Floor ATDP20F Floor
Power 550W Input, 330W S1 Output 650W Input, 380W S1 Output 750W Input, 450W S1 Output 1,100W Input, 700W S1 Output
Speed Range (12) 210-2,580rpm (12) 120-2,580rpm (12) 120-2,580rpm (12) 150-2,700rpm
Throat 165mm 178mm 216mm 254mm
Max Chuck to Table / Base 340mm / 530mm 325mm / 500mm 700mm / 1,150mm 540mm / 1,090mm
Table Size 310mm 310mm 345mm 475 x 425mm
Overall L x W x H 640 x 370 x 1,000mm 670 x 360 x 1,020mm 750 x 430 x 1,650mm 860 x 610 x 1,710mm

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