Power Tool Health & Safety


The safety features that go into the latest power tools are designed to ensure you’re as safe as possible. Here we take a look at some of the tools that are often considered to be more aggressive and which safety features you should look out for to make them more manageable.

Keeping your wrists safe

If you’ve ever had a drill bit jam when drilling into masonry you’ll know how painful it can be on your wrists as the drill tries to spin round. Many SDS drills and combi drills are now fitted with an overload clutch to prevent this happening but it’s important to check as it’s not always fitted on cheaper models. A critical point to consider is if you’re up a ladder and the bit jams without a safety clutch it doesn’t bear thinking about.

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Bosch GSB18VE-EC
Bosch Combi Drill

Bosch GSB 18 VE-EC Combi Drill

Brusheless Combi Drill in L-Boxx (Body Only)

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Bosch 230V SDS Drill

Bosch GBH 2-28 DV SDS+ Drill

3 Function SDS+ Drill

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Bosch GBH 18 V-EC SDS+ Drill

Bosch GBH 18 V-EC DV SDS+ Drill

Brushless SDS+ Drill in L-Boxx (Body Only)

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Festool Plunge Saw
Festool Plunge Saw

Festool Plunge Saw

When looking at plunge saws, as well as the quality of the cut modern safety features ensure that safety is optimised. The TS55R is widely regarded as one of the best plunge saws on the market and it includes features such as a blade brake that reacts in super fast time for a safe cutting performance. The built in riving knife also extends behind the cutter to prevent the blade from binding which is particularly useful when cutting thicker stock.

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Festool Kickback Stop

Festool Kickback Stop

A useful accessory is the Festool kickback stop which prevents the saw from coming off the rail on the very rare occasions that the blade catches while making a plunge cut. To be as safe as possible it’s good practise to always have the saw set up with the kickback stop to prevent this from happening.

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Safety First

Angle Grinder

Guarded Grinding

The increased power of grinders with new brushless motors means that with more power there needs to be greater measures for staying in control. When looking at grinders look for modern features such as Makita’s DGA505Z which is equipped with a smart anti kickback function.

This instantly recognises if there is a sudden loss of speed to shut the grinder down. Other useful features to be aware of are safety paddle switches which mean that should you lose control of the grinder it will automatically turn itself off.

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DeWalt Nailer

Know Your Nailer

Nail guns can save hours in construction time compared with traditional methods but they need to be handled safely. For added safety some nailers such as DeWALT’s DCN660D2 are fitted with a trigger and contact trip lock-off which prevents the trigger from being fired accidentally when not in use.

As well as safety options remember that using a nail gun in a safe way is just as important as its own features. Keep hands well clear of the workpiece and when carrying out maintenance ensure the battery, gas or airline as well as the nails are always disconnected.

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It’s important to remember that power tools should always be treated with respect and handled carefully. Knowing you have these safety features in place shouldn’t mean you’re any less careful but they should give reassurance that you can pick them up with confidence as you have the best safety features available. As added security always protect yourself in the best way possible by wearing the appropriate health and safety equipment.
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